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Bosch T40 2 Pcs 1 inch Silver Bit Set, ACE-241044
  • Precision-Formed Bit Tip Provides Proper Fit with Fastener

  • Fully Hardened Bit Production Engineered for Today Tough Applications

Bosch GSR 120-LI 12V 1500rpm Professional Cordless Drill & Driver
  • High Performance : +20% Soft Torque Improvements

  • Quality & High Power

Bosch GLL-2 10m Self Levelling Cross Line Laser
By: Bosch
AED 311.00
AED 343.009% OFF
  • Small, Lightweight & Always Within Reach

  • Easy Handling Due to Single-button Operation

Bosch GBH-2-24DRE 790W SDS & Professional Rotary Hammer Drill
  • The New Standard in Concrete Drilling

  • Enhanced Durability and Hard Work Due to Powerful Motor

Bosch GWS 9-115 900W 11500rpm Professional Angle Grinder
  • The High-power Motor, With a No-load Speed of 11500rpm, Delivers

  • It is Easy to Use

Bosch GCO240 2400W 355mm Metal Cut-Off Saw, 2724446641952
  • High Overload Capacity for the Toughest of Applications

  • Stable on Uneven Cutting Surfaces

Bosch Professional Heat Gun, GHG-16-50, 1600W, Blue/Black
Bosch 70mm Multicolour M14 Cupbrush With Crimped Wire, ACE-241141
  • Thecupbrush with Crimped Wire can Also be Used for Flash

  • Made with the Highest Quality Crimped Tempered Steel, It is

Bosch Professional Cordless Drill Screwdriver-Gsr 12V-15
Bosch Gws 9-115 P
By: Bosch
AED 289.00
AED 318.009% OFF
Bosch Professional Angle Grinder-Gws 750-1xx (06013940L0)
Bosch Professional Gsh 7 Vc Corded 240 V Demolition Hammer Drill With Sds Max
Bosch Gsb 180-Li Professional 18V Cordless Combi
By: Bosch
AED 562.00
AED 619.009% OFF
Bosch Ghg 23-66 Heat Gun
By: Bosch
AED 519.00
AED 571.009% OFF
Bosch Professional Cordless Drill And Driver-Gsr 120-Li,Blue
Bosch Corded Electric Gsb 16Re-Drills
By: Bosch
AED 482.00
AED 531.009% OFF
Bosch 115 mm 750W Professional Angle Grinder, GWS 750-115
  • Great Controlling & Easy Handling

  • High Removal Rate & Overload Capability

Bosch 6x100mm Steel Drill Bit, 2608597660
By: Bosch
AED 9.00
AED 10.0010% OFF
Bosch 48 In 1 360 deg Multipurpose Bolt Wrench Rotation Spanner
Bosch Ghp 5-55 Professional High Pressure Washer
By: Bosch
AED 3,304.00
AED 3,635.009% OFF
Bosch Easy Aquatak 100 Long Lance High Pressure Washer Green 1100W 06008A7E71
Bosch 79mm Bi-metal Hole Saw
By: Bosch
AED 33.00
AED 37.0010% OFF
Bosch 89mm Bi-metal Hole Saw
By: Bosch
AED 36.00
AED 40.0010% OFF
Bosch 73mm Bi-metal Hole Saw
By: Bosch
AED 50.00
AED 55.009% OFF
Bosch 70mm Bi-metal Hole Saw
By: Bosch
AED 34.00
AED 38.0010% OFF
Bosch 550W Rotary Hammer Drill, PBH-2100-RE
By: Bosch
AED 391.00
AED 431.009% OFF
  • Selection Switch for Hammering, Chiselling, Drilling or Screwdriving

  • Keyless Chuck for Quick & Easy Bit Change

Bosch Gws 9-115 P Professional Corded Grinder
By: Bosch
AED 369.00
AED 406.009% OFF
Bosch GSB-570 570W Professional Impact Drill, 06011B70L0
Bosch GSR-12V-30 12V 1600rpm Professional Cordless Drill Driver
  • High Torque & Rapid Drilling Speeds for Quick & Powerful

  • High-End Features within Reach When Screwdriving & Drilling

Bosch Impact Drill, 06019F83L1, GSB 180-LI Professional, 18V, Blue
Bosch GSR-12V-15FC 12V 1300rpm Professional Cordless Drill Driver
  • One Click Interface Ensures a Tight Fix to the Machine

  • Compact & Flexible for Any Job

Bosch Impact Drill, 700, Universal Impact, 701W
By: Bosch
AED 298.00
AED 343.0013% OFF
Bosch GDS 18V-1050 H 3/4 inch Torque Professional Cordless Impact Drill, 06019J8500
  • Impressive power with cordless freedom due to ProCORE 18V batteries

  • Ideal versatility & controlled power due to 3-speed/torque settings

Bosch Rotary Hammer Sds + Professional, Gbh-2-24 Dre
Bosch Jigsaw Mach, Gst 700
By: Bosch
AED 375.00
AED 413.009% OFF
Bosch Professional Gex 125-1 Ae Corded 240 V Random Orbit Sander
Bosch 10mm Steel Drill Bit Key Chuck
By: Bosch
AED 31.00
AED 35.0011% OFF
Bosch 12.5cm Black Backing Pad, 241073AC
By: Bosch
AED 83.00
AED 92.009% OFF
  • Superior Construction of the Tools Resists Corrosion & Bestows Long

  • Proficiently Anchored to Offer a Higher Level of Functionality &

Bosch 50 Pcs 400G Velcro Disc Sandpaper Box, 2608607841
Bosch 50 Pcs 240G Velcro Disc Sandpaper Box, 2608607839