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Gazelle Electrical Power Testing Online

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Gazelle 400A 600V AC/DC TRUE RMS Digital Clamp Meter, G9202
  • Multi Function Capable for Resistance, Diode, Continuity, Frequency Measurements

  • Big Lcd Display Clear White Backlight for Measurement is Dark

Gazelle G9201 200A AC Mini Clamp Meter
By: Gazelle
AED 294.00
AED 324.009% OFF
Gazelle 1000V Non Contact AC Voltage Detector, G9301-II
  • Loud Audible Sound Alarm for Live Cable Detection

  • Auto Power Indication- Around 3 min

Gazelle 600V 10A Palm Digital Multimeter, G9101
By: Gazelle
AED 86.00
AED 109.0021% OFF
  • CAT II 600 V Safety Rating & with Rubber Holster

  • Big LCD Display with Bright White Backlight for Clear View

Gazelle RCD-ELCB Trip Time & Trip Current Tester, G9306
By: Gazelle
AED 857.00
AED 1,104.0022% OFF
  • Auto Ramp Measurement, Trip Current & Time Real-Time Display

  • Lead Sequence Check with 3 Led Indication Lights Phase angle

Gazelle 2.5 kV Insulation Resistance Tester, G9310
By: Gazelle
AED 1,064.00
AED 1,295.0017% OFF
  • Auto Power off, Backlight, & Low Battery & Over Range

  • Comparison, Upper & Lower Limit Functions with 18-Group Data Storage

Gazelle 600V TRUE RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter, G9103
  • Safe, Accurate, Multi-Function & Value for Money

  • Rugged DMM Pass the 2 m Drop Test

Gazelle G9102 Digital Multim For 1000V Industrial Application
Gazelle 90-600V Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Indicator, G9303
  • Easy to Use Contact-Less Detection & Give a Quick Identification

  • Includes Three-Test Leads with an Alligator Clip for Direct to

Gazelle 80mm Hand Held Wall Scanner, G9410
By: Gazelle
AED 352.00
AED 488.0027% OFF
  • Signal Strength Bars to Indicate the Distance of Detected Material

  • Buzzer, Flashing, Silent Mode Options

Gazelle 100mm Wall Scanner, G9411
By: Gazelle
AED 306.00
AED 374.0018% OFF
  • Electro-Magnetic Induction Detection Principle

  • Detect Wooden Beams, Metal Objects, Electric Wires

Gazelle G9307, Multifunction Electrical Tester
By: Gazelle
AED 886.00
AED 975.009% OFF
Gazelle 600V Digital Multimeter, G9102
By: Gazelle
AED 140.00
AED 189.0025% OFF
  • Rugged DMM Pass the 2 m Drop Test

  • NCV Voltage Detectors for Safety Verification

Gazelle G9305, Earth Resistance Tester
By: Gazelle
AED 891.00
AED 981.009% OFF
Gazelle Earth Resistance Tester, G9305
By: Gazelle
AED 978.00
AED 1,312.0025% OFF
  • Two-Pole Ground Resistance Testing

  • Large & Easy-To-Read Display

Gazelle 5 kV Insulation Resistance Tester, G9311
By: Gazelle
AED 2,038.00
AED 2,394.0014% OFF
  • Auto Current Discharge & High-Voltage Output Alarm

  • Comparison, Upper & Lower Limit Functions with 18-Group Data Storage

Gazelle Uk Plug Socket Tester, G9302
By: Gazelle
AED 121.00
AED 134.009% OFF
  • Easy to Use, Simply Plug Into the Live Socket &

  • Double Insulted Safety Rated & Ce Certified Product

Gazelle 1000A Auto Range Digital Clamp Meter, G9204
By: Gazelle
AED 321.00
AED 393.0018% OFF
  • Multifunction for AC-DC Voltage, AC Current, Resistance, Diode, Continuity, Frequency,

  • Full Range Overload Protection for Additional Safety During the Measurement

Gazelle 600A TRUE RMS Digital Clamp Meter, G9203
By: Gazelle
AED 280.00
AED 437.0035% OFF
  • TRMS Measurement AC-DC Voltage & AC Current Measurement

  • Multi Function Capable for Resistance, Diode, Continuity, Frequency Measurements

Gazelle G9203, 600A Trms Digital Clamp m
By: Gazelle
AED 278.00
AED 306.009% OFF
Gazelle 1000V Insulation Tester, G9304
By: Gazelle
AED 691.00
AED 922.0025% OFF
  • One Press Starts

  • Safety Rating with Double Insulation

Gazelle 90-1000V AC Voltage Detector, G9301
By: Gazelle
AED 47.00
AED 52.009% OFF
  • Cat Iv 1000V for Added Protection

  • Upon Detection, Tip Red Light Glows & Beeper Sounds

Gazelle 200A Mini Clamp Meter, G9201
By: Gazelle
AED 130.00
AED 169.0023% OFF
  • Big Lcd Display with Bright White Backlight for a Clear

  • High Reliability, Safety, & Compact Design

Gazelle Heavy Duty Lead Test Probes, G9901
By: Gazelle
AED 57.00
AED 71.0019% OFF
  • UL 16AWG Double Insulated Wire

Gazelle 600V 600A 20mm AC/DC Digital Jaw Clamp Meter, G9205
  • High Voltage (600 V) Frequency Measurement

  • Data Hold & 600 V Protection Across All Range

Gazelle Multifunction Electrical Tester, G9307
By: Gazelle
AED 1,139.00
AED 1,727.0034% OFF
  • Over Range Indication, Test Lead Connection Alarm

  • Test Button for Fast Capture of Measurement Values

Gazelle G9202, 400A Auto Ranging Digital Clamp m
By: Gazelle
AED 257.00
AED 283.009% OFF
Gazelle G9302, Socket Tester
By: Gazelle
AED 161.00
AED 178.009% OFF