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Groz Csf/10 5 inch Coping Saw Frame
By: Groz
AED 38.00
AED 42.009% OFF
Groz 8 inch Spring Divider-Dd/8
By: Groz
AED 29.00
AED 32.009% OFF
Groz 250mm Outside Caliper-Od/10
By: Groz
AED 44.00
AED 49.0010% OFF
Groz 175mm CrV Internal Bent Circlip Plier, CLP/BND/I/175
  • Precise & Solid Contact Tips

  • Wear Resistant & Cousin Grip

Groz Lt/6 Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Hand Riveter
By: Groz
AED 117.00
AED 129.009% OFF
Groz 150mm CrV External Straight Circlip Plier, CLP/ST/E/150
  • Precise & Solid Contact Tips

Groz 4 Ton 368mm Hydraulic Bottle Jack
By: Groz
AED 171.00
AED 241.0029% OFF
  • Portable, Leak-Proof & Forged Base

  • Load Limiting Device

Groz Steel Metric Hex Keys (Set Of 8 Piece,1.5mm,6mm)
Groz 3- inch 3-Jaw Gear Puller, Forged Cv Steel (36030)
Groz Gnb-25/3R/Spl Rotary Barrel Steel Pump Inlet
By: Groz
AED 169.00
AED 228.0025% OFF
Groz Fop/10A 44255 High Pressure Foot Grease Pump
Groz 1405 300mm Inside Caliper-Id/12
By: Groz
AED 161.00
AED 178.009% OFF
Groz FOP/10A 44255 High Pressure Foot Grease Pump
By: Groz
AED 735.00
AED 809.009% OFF
Groz 6 inch Chrome Vanadium Steel Long Nose Plier, 31540
  • 1000V Insulated & High Leverage

Groz 612/EU 30W LED Glass Site Lamp
By: Groz
AED 444.00
AED 100,000.0099% OFF
  • Water & Dust Resistant

  • Equipped with 2 Powerful 30w SMD Lights

Groz GHC-12/B 12 inch Steel Black Zinc Plated Flexible Grease Gun Hose Pipe
  • Hydraulically Crimped to the Hose

  • Thermoplastic Construction & Fully Flexible

Groz 200mm Hardened Cutting Edges Combination Plier, CPL/CS/8
  • High Strength Construction & Ergonomic Grip

  • Induction Hardened Cutting Edges

Groz Lp/12 Letter Punch
By: Groz
AED 152.00
AED 228.0033% OFF
Groz 300mm Outside Caliper-Od/12
By: Groz
AED 50.00
AED 55.009% OFF
Groz 10- inch Adjustable Wrench, Chrome Vanadium Steel, 38-46 Hrc, Forged, #31751
Groz Fnl/9 Smart Funnel
By: Groz
AED 48.00
AED 53.009% OFF
Groz 40200 Slimline Ratchet Handle
By: Groz
AED 85.00
AED 95.0010% OFF
Groz 3W ABS Orange and Black LED Head Lamp
By: Groz
AED 156.00
AED 100,000.0099% OFF
  • Rotate the Light & Focus at the Desired Angle

  • Detachable Design

Groz Cantilever Tool Box, Five Tray, Aluminum, Lightweight, Pad Lock Option (40004)
Groz 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack with Lifting Lever Rod
  • Load Limiting Device & Leak Proof Welded

Groz Vgp/10A Hd Bucket Greaser
Groz GHC-12/B 12 inch Flexible Grease Gun Hose,
By: Groz
AED 17.00
AED 19.0010% OFF
  • Thermoplastic Construction and Fully Flexible

  • For Greasing Fittings with Difficult Access

Groz Hand Riveter For Threader Rivets
By: Groz
AED 94.00
AED 105.0010% OFF
Groz Led/100 Flashlight With Laser
By: Groz
AED 268.00
AED 295.009% OFF
Groz 150mm Chrome Vanadium External Straight Circlip Plier, CLP/ST/E/150
  • Wear Resistant & Cousin Grip

  • Precise & Solid Contact Tips

Groz 3/4 inch Polyethylene Drum Level Indicator, 48001/48003
Groz Cp/5-32 Centre Punch
By: Groz
AED 18.00
AED 20.0010% OFF
Groz Ppr/6/St Pin Punch 6 PCS Set
By: Groz
AED 56.00
AED 62.009% OFF
Groz 175mm Internal Bent Circlip Plier, CLP/BND/I/175
  • Precise & Solid Contact Tips

  • Wear Resistant & Cousin Grip

Groz Lbp/04 Lever Action Barrel Pump
By: Groz
AED 89.00
AED 137.0035% OFF
Groz CHS/10/1-2 13x11x250mm Octagonal Cold Chisel, 32831
Groz CHS/8/1-2 13x11x200mm Octagonal Cold Chisel, 32818
Groz CHS/7.5/7-8 22x19x190mm Octagonal Cold Chisel, 32806
Groz CHS/6/1-2 13x11x150mm Octagonal Cold Chisel, 32803
Groz CHS/18/5-8 16x13x450mm Octagonal Cold Chisel, 32820