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Metabo Drywall Screwdriver With Cardboard Box, SE-2500, 600W, 11 Nm
Metabo PowerMaxx Cordless Hammer Drill, SB-12-BL, 12V, 10MM
By: Metabo
AED 1,024.00
AED 1,127.009% OFF
Metabo Cordless Drill, 600079500, PowerMaxx BS, 10.8V, 2Ah Battery
Metabo Germany-Professional Grade-Se 17-200 Rt Set Burnishing Machine
Metabo Germany-Professional Grade-Sb 18 Ltx Impuls-18V 2x4Ah Li-Ion Charger Asc 30-36 V
Metabo Germany-Professional Grade-Mfe 40 Wall Chaser
By: Metabo
AED 1,261.00
AED 1,388.009% OFF
Metabo Cordless Fillet Weld Grinder With Cardboard Box, KNS-18-LTX-150, 18V
Metabo Magnetic Core Drill, MAG-50, 1200W
By: Metabo
AED 6,753.00
AED 7,429.009% OFF
Metabo Germany-Professional Grade-Sbev 1300-2 Impact Drill
Metabo Heat Gun, HG20-600, 2000W
By: Metabo
AED 305.00
AED 336.009% OFF
Metabo Impact Drill, SBE610, 610W
By: Metabo
AED 634.00
AED 698.009% OFF
Metabo Fms 200 Multischleifer Intec
By: Metabo
AED 239.00
AED 263.009% OFF
Metabo Germany-Professional Grade-Cs 23-355 Metal Cutting Saws
Metabo Circular Saw,7 1/4, Ks66
By: Metabo
AED 1,126.00
AED 1,239.009% OFF
Metabo-Hot Air Gun He 20-600 (602060000)
By: Metabo
AED 230.00
AED 253.009% OFF
Metabo 240W Intec Palm Disc Sander, FSX200
By: Metabo
AED 187.00
AED 206.009% OFF
  • Very Good Weight-Performance Ratio

  • Light & Handy Machine for Convenient One-Hand Operation

Metabo Cordless Bevelling Tool With MetaLoc, KFM-18-LTX-3-RF, 18V
Metabo Cordless Tool Battery Set, 685051000, 18V, 2x5.2Ah Battery
Metabo Cordless Drill, BS-18-LT, 18V, 2x2Ah Battery
By: Metabo
AED 1,181.00
AED 1,300.009% OFF
Metabo Cordless Blind Rivet Gun With 145 Ltrs Metabox, NP-18-LTX-BL-5.0, 18V
Metabo Cordless Hammer Drill, SB-18-LT, 18V, 13MM
By: Metabo
AED 1,177.00
AED 1,295.009% OFF
Metabo Control Heat Gun, HE-23-650, 2300W
By: Metabo
AED 470.00
AED 517.009% OFF
Metabo Drill Machine, BE-10, 450W
By: Metabo
AED 296.00
AED 326.009% OFF
Metabo Cordless Hammer Drill With MetaBox Case, SB-18-LT, 18V, 13MM
Metabo Cordless Drill With Cardboard Box, 18V, 10MM
By: Metabo
AED 918.00
AED 1,010.009% OFF
Metabo Cordless Rivet Gun, NP-18-LTX-BL-5, 18V, 5MM
By: Metabo
AED 2,234.00
AED 2,458.009% OFF
Metabo Cordless Impact Wrench With MetaBox Case, SSW-18-LTX-400-BL, 18V, 2x4Ah Battery
Metabo Cordless Impact Wrench With Metabox Case, SSW-18-LTX-300-BL, 18V, 2x5.2Ah Battery
Metabo Cordless Angle Grinder With Cardboard box, W-18-LTX-125, 18V, 125MM
Metabo Drywall Screwdriver With Cardboard Box, SE-6000, 600W, 7 Nm
Metabo Heat Gun, HG16-500, 1600W
By: Metabo
AED 183.00
AED 202.009% OFF
Metabo Germany-Professional Grade Stirrer Rwe 1020
By: Metabo
AED 817.00
AED 899.009% OFF
Metabo Kombihammer Khe 2444 (606154000) Kunststoffkoffer, Max. Einzelschlagenergie (Epta): 2.3 J, Max. Schlagzahl: 5400 /Min, Nennaufnahmeleistung: 800 W
Metabo Germany-Professional Grade-Ssw 18 Ltx 300 Bl Cordless Impact Driver
Metabo 627153000 Hss-G Twist Drills (19 Pcs.), Green, One Size, Set Of 19 PCS
Metabo 2400W 240V Wall Chaser With 2xdiamond Blades (Old Version)
Metabo Germany-Professional Grade-H 16-500 Hot-Air Gun
Metabo Magnetic Core Drill, MAG-32, 1000W
By: Metabo
AED 4,713.00
AED 5,185.009% OFF
Metabo Combination Hammer Drill, KHE-2444, 800W
By: Metabo
AED 650.00
AED 715.009% OFF
Metabo�- 18V Compact Reciprocating Saw Bare (602266890 18 Ltx Compact Bare), Woodworking