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Yato 140mm 0.34-6mm Wire Stripper, YT-2272
By: Yato
AED 48.00
AED 53.009% OFF
Yato 125mm 0.8-2.6mm SK5 Steel Wire Stripper, YT-2274
  • Possibility of Cutting Wires

  • The Possibility of Removing Insulation from Round Cables with a

Yato 160mm Nickle Iron Finish Wire Stripping Plier, YT-2031
  • Designed for Stripping Insulation from Wires

  • Locking Screw for Fine Adjustment of The Working Range

Yato 185mm Steel Wire Stripper, YT-2316
By: Yato
AED 39.00
AED 43.009% OFF
Yato 130mm Steel 65mn Electrical Wire Stripper, YT-2264
Yato 205mm Steel Multi-Function Wire Stripper, YT-2313
Yato 175mm Steel Universal Wire Stripper, YT-2268
  • Possibility to Set the Length of the Stripped Insulation From

  • Possibility of Cutting the Cable

Yato 180mm 0.8-2.6mm Wire Stripper, YT-2273
By: Yato
AED 53.00
AED 59.0010% OFF
Yato 185mm Manual Wire Stripper, YT-2290
By: Yato
AED 20.00
AED 22.009% OFF
Yato 210mm 0.8-3.3mm Wire Stripper, YT-2277
By: Yato
AED 58.00
AED 64.009% OFF
  • Crimp 10-22 Awg Insulated & Non-Insulated Terminals & Coaxial Connectors

  • Cut & Strip 8-20 Awg Solid & 10-22 Awg Wires

Yato 160mm Wire Stripping Pliers, YT-6609
By: Yato
AED 27.00
AED 30.0010% OFF
Yato 160mm Steel Universal Wire Stripper, YT-2266
  • Possibility of Cutting Wires

  • Auxiliary Spring

Yato 220mm Manual Wire Stripper , YT-2295
By: Yato
AED 25.00
AED 28.0010% OFF
  • Bolts with a Diameter of 2.6 mm to 5.0 mm

  • Possibility of Cutting Wires

Yato 205mm Manual Wire Stripper , YT-2292
By: Yato
AED 21.00
AED 24.0012% OFF
Yato 160mm VDE-1000V CrV Insulated Wire Stripping Plier,YT-21160
  • Tpi Handle, Oil Proof, Acid Proof, Alcohol Proof

  • Passed More Than 5000 Shear Test

Yato 8-28mm 190mm Cable Stripper, YT-2280
By: Yato
AED 53.00
AED 59.0010% OFF
  • Stripping Mechanism for Wires with a Diameter of 8 to

  • Possibility to Cut Wires

Yato 215mm Hardened Steel Manual Wire Stripper , YT-2293
  • Possibility of Cutting Wires

  • Possibility of Crimping Terminals for Car Ignition Cables