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Hailo Pedal Waste Bin, HLO-0850-469, KickMaxx XL, 36 L, Silver
Hygiene Links Big Plastic Office Bin, HL-468
By: Hygiene Links
AED 13.00
AED 15.0013% OFF
Hailo Pedal Waste Bin, HLO-0504-030, Pure S, 3 L, White
Hailo Pedal Waste Bin, HLO-0850-259, Kickvisier XL, 36 L, Silver
Brooks 30L Swing Waste Bin, BKS SWG 084
By: Brooks
AED 59.00
AED 65.009% OFF
Hailo Pedal Waste Bin, HLO-0619-260, Oko Uno Plus M, 17 L, Black
120L Plastic Wheeled Garbage Bin
By: Generic
AED 142.00
AED 157.009% OFF
Hygiene Links Steel Wire Mesh Bin, HL-718
By: Hygiene Links
AED 16.00
AED 18.0011% OFF
  • Sleek & Commercial Look

Hailo Pedal Waste Bin, HLO-0630-260, Oko Duo Plus L, 26 L, Black
Hailo Push Bin, HLO-0971-059, ProfiLine WSB XXL, 70 L, Black
Brooks Stainless Steel Dark Grey Ashtray Bin, BKS SS ASH 681
Hygiene Links 30L Round Steel Bin, HL-SSPD30SM
By: Hygiene Links
AED 179.00
AED 197.009% OFF
  • Anti Rust

Brooks Pedal Waste Bin, BKS-PDL-087, 100 L, HDPE, Red
By: Brooks
AED 198.00
AED 218.009% OFF
Brooks Delight Swing Top Bin, BSSSTB50L, 50 L, Silver
By: Brooks
AED 263.00
AED 290.009% OFF
Hotpack 20PCS Drawstring Garbage Bag W/ Free 50PCS Dustbin Liner Bag, OPDSB90110, XL, 60 Gallons, Black
Hailo Push Bin, HLO-0975-102, ProfiLine Care XXL, 79 L, Black
240L Plastic Grey Wheeled Waste Bin
By: Generic
AED 152.00
AED 168.009% OFF
  • Easy Mobility for Material Handling, General Refuse, & Bulk Waste

  • Durable Wheels - Heavy-duty Wheels with High Performance Treads are

AKC Waste Compartment Bin Set, GC80, 60 L, 3 Pcs/Set
Hailo Waste Bin, HLO-0950-932, ProfiLine Combi Plus XL, 45 L, Silver
Intercare Patty Trash Bin, Polypropylene, 50 L, White
By: Intercare
AED 121.00
AED 134.009% OFF
Generic 120L Plastic Waste Outdoor Storage Garbage Bin, Size: Large
  • Removable & Detachable Cover for Easy Order

  • It is Versatile & Ideal for Storing a Variety of

Brooks Pedal Bin With Moon Lid, BKS-SS-092, Stainless Steel, 5 L, Silver
Hailo Waste Bin, HLO-0950-322, ProfiLine Safe XL, 45 L, Gentian Blue
Hailo Pedal Waste Bin, HLO-0520-639, Pedal Bin T2 L, 19 L, Vanilla
Royalford RF10214 12L Plastic Multicolour Dust Bin
By: Royalford
AED 16.00
AED 18.0011% OFF
  • Ergonomic Design

  • Attractive Finish

Royalford RF9956 26x28cm Metal Multicolour Dust Bin
By: Royalford
AED 16.00
AED 18.0011% OFF
  • Easy to Use & Clean

  • Ventilated Mesh Design Sturdy But Lightweight

Hailo Waste Bin, HLO-0850-879, Big Bin Quick XL, 48 L, White
60L ABS Black & Green Pedal Type Trash Can
By: Generic
AED 126.00
AED 139.009% OFF
  • Inside Bin Compartment

  • Good for Kids Room, Living Room, Office, Waste Like Paper,

Abbasali 120L Green Pedal Recycling Outdoor Trash Bin with Lid
Brooks Pedal Waste Bin, BKS-PDL-1188, 80 L, Grey
By: Brooks
AED 123.00
AED 136.009% OFF
Hygiene Links 5L Heavy Duty SS Pedal Bin with Lid
By: Hygiene Links
AED 44.00
AED 49.0010% OFF
  • Removable Inner Bucket

Brooks Pedal Waste Bin, BKS-PDL-090, 240 L, Red
By: Brooks
AED 988.00
AED 1,087.009% OFF
Hotpack Heavy Duty Garbage Bag, GH80110, 55 Gallon, L, 80x110cm, Black, 10 Pcs/Pack
Hotpack Garbage Bag Roll, OPGBR6595X3PKT, 65x95cm, 60 Pcs/Pack
Hotpack Heavy Duty Garbage Bags, GH80110, 55 Gallons, Black, 300 Pcs/Carton
30L Grey Garbage Can with Pedal
By: Generic
AED 55.00
AED 65.0015% OFF
Hotpack Light Duty Garbage Bags, LD80110HP, 55 Gallons, Black
Hotpack Garbage Bags, G80110, 55 Gallons, Black, 400 Pcs/Carton
Hotpack Light Duty Garbage Bags, LD6595HP, 30 Gallons, Black
Hotpack Heavy Duty Garbage Bags, GH95120, 60 Gallons, Black, 200 Pcs/Carton

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