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Abbasali 10L Green Watering Can with Garden Scissor & Pruning Shear
Abbasali 10L Green Watering Can for Indoor, Outdoor & Garden
Abbasali 1.8L Plastic Watering Can with Long Spout
By: Abbasali
AED 33.00
AED 37.0010% OFF
Beorol-Garden Plastic Hose Quick Connector With Water Stop 3/4 inch
Gardena 13mm Watering Pipe Plug, 175290 (Pack of 5)
By: Gardena
AED 73.00
AED 81.009% OFF
Beorol Garden Adjustable Snap-In Twist Nozzle Connector Set-13cm
Gardena Garden Stop'n Spray, ACE_864421 (Pack of 2)
By: Gardena
AED 140.00
AED 154.009% OFF
  • Simplistic Mechanism Facilitates Tool-Free Connection

  • Crafted with Premium Quality Material for Enhanced Longevity

Coghlans 67771 8L White Expandable Water Carrier
By: Coghlans
AED 72.00
AED 80.0010% OFF
  • Unmatched Durability Lets You Use It for a Long Time

  • Optimally Designed for Sought-After Functionality

Gardena Garden Shower with Tripod, 219323AC
By: Gardena
AED 617.00
AED 679.009% OFF
  • Choose from Two Spray Patterns: Wide Soft Spray or Fine

  • Sturdy Tripod Stand - Works on Uneven Ground Too

Bestway 142x76cm Water Polo Game Set
By: Bestway
AED 126.00
AED 139.009% OFF
Gardena 13mm Watering Pipe Reducing T-Joint, 160428 (Pack of 2)
Beorol-Garden 2-Way Snap-In Coupling
By: Beorol
AED 19.00
AED 21.009% OFF
Beorol-Garden 3 Working Mode Adjustable Sprayer Trigger Nozzle With 3/4 inch Hose Connector
Gardena Classic Wall Mounted Hose Bracket with Hose, ACE_657456
  • Incorporates a Profound Wall Mounted Hose Bracket

  • Streamlines a Pressure Resistant Hose that Retains Its Shape

Gardena 15m Black Sprinklers Soaker Hose, 226327AC
By: Gardena
AED 464.00
AED 511.009% OFF
  • Made for Water-Sparing Irrigation of Plant Rows

  • Particularly Well Suited for Targeted, Water-Saving Irrigation of Plant Rows

Gardena Black & Red Rectangular Sprinkler, 219331AC
By: Gardena
AED 457.00
AED 503.009% OFF
  • Innovative Luminescent Technology Provide Diverse Lighting Effects

Metal Silver High Altitude Fruit Picker Basket
By: Generic
AED 25.00
AED 28.0010% OFF
  • Light & Easy to Carry

  • It Meets the Needs of the Beginner & Advanced Flower

Gardena Black & Grey Twin Tap Connector, ACE_288240
By: Gardena
AED 267.00
AED 294.009% OFF
  • Joins Two Hoses to a Single Water Outlet Simultaneously

  • Innovatively Coated that Efficiently Hinders Corrosion

Beorol 20m Water Level Hose with Scale, VC20
By: Beorol
AED 70.00
AED 84.0016% OFF
  • Excellent Transparency good Resistance To Abrasion Resistance To a Large

Beorol 5 inch Green & Black Snap-In Twist Nozzle Connector, Gm13
  • Designed for Years of Hard Use

  • Can be Installed in Seconds

Beorol Plastic Base Pulsating Garden Sprinkler with 3/4 inch Connector
Gardena Black Watering Pulse Sprinkler, 296646
By: Gardena
AED 335.00
AED 369.009% OFF
Gardena Black & Orange Garden Watering Shower Spray Gun, 241479
Style 1023 Spray Bottle Pump Plant Water Pressure, 2 L -White
Robustline 22mm 12ft PVC Green Wire Mesh Fencing
By: Robustline
AED 138.00
AED 152.009% OFF
Automatic Plant & Flower Self Watering Spikes (Pack of 3)
  • Multi Applications - No Matter Indoor/Outdoor, Garden, Home or Office,...

  • Fits Most Bottles - with a Plug-In Interface Design, Which...

Beorol-3/4 inch Garden Tap Connector Adapter And 1 inch-3/4 inch Reducer
Dates Cover Net/Dates Bag/Kajur Bag 90x70cm (25)
By: Generic
AED 78.00
AED 86.009% OFF
Abbasali Portable Garden Water Hose Reel Cart With Wheels Hand Push Garden Farm Hose Reel, With Water Pipe And Water Gun, Bracket Garden Hose Cart With Wheels,30M
Beorol 1/2 inch 30m Polyester Reinforcing Mesh Green Economic Garden Hose, GBCE1230
Beorol 3/4 inch 50m PVC Transparent Garden Hose, GBC34T50
Beorol 1/2 inch 50m Polyester Reinforcing Mesh Green Economic Garden Hose, GBCE1250
Tecnotubi Agrigarden 1x25M Durable 3 Layer Pvc Garden Hose (Italy)
By: Tecnotubi Picena
AED 176.00
AED 194.009% OFF
Garden Italian Pvc Reinforce Flexible Hose Pipe 0.5 inch And 50 ms Length, Yellow
Beorol 1/2 inch 25m Blue Soft Garden Hose, GBCF1225
By: Beorol
AED 171.00
AED 203.0015% OFF
Robustline 100ft Latex Magic Garden Hose
By: Robustline
AED 124.00
AED 137.009% OFF
  • Extendable & Easy to Carry

Gardena Grey & Orange High Flex Garden Hose, 18063-20
By: Gardena
AED 559.00
AED 615.009% OFF
  • Scrupulously Designed for Ease of Mounting

  • High-Tensile Design Grants Ultimate Convenience

Youyaa 1/4 inch 6m PVC Black Car Pressure Washer Hose Pipe
  • Long Service Life & Durability

  • Easy to Install & Convenient

Beorol 50m PVC Hose Pipe, GVC8
By: Beorol
AED 102.00
AED 121.0015% OFF
  • Excellent Transparency good Resistance To Abrasion Resistance To a Large

Gardena 25m Orange & Black Power Grip Garden Hose, ACE_926076
  • Extremely Pressure Resistant & Always Keeps Their Shape

  • The Innovative Power Grip Profile Ensures a Perfect & Secure

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