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Rust-Oleum 10 Oz Gloss Neon Green Peel Coat, 311258
By: Rust-oleum
AED 60.00
AED 65.007% OFF
  • Paint Rims, Racing Stripes or Add other Customizations to your

  • The All-Weather Coating also Protects against Rust & Road Debris

Bechem 18kg High-Lub LFB 2000 Multipurpose EP Grease with Emergency Run
  • without Addition of Lead Compounds

  • Contains Light Solid Lubricants

Permatex 3Oz Dielectric Tune-Up PowerCan Grease, 81153
By: Permatex
AED 173.00
AED 191.009% OFF
Penray Red Grease, 7001
By: Penray
AED 59.00
AED 65.009% OFF
Weicon 400ml On-Grease Spray
By: Weicon
AED 32.00
AED 36.0011% OFF
Liquid Wrench 5.5 oz White Lithium Grease 634
By: Liquid Wrench
AED 58.00
AED 64.009% OFF
  • This Lithium Grease Won’T Melt, Freeze Or Run and Inhibits

  • This Can of Lithium Grease is Great For A Wide

WD-40 Roller Chain Lubricant Aerosol
By: Wd-40
AED 88.00
AED 97.009% OFF
Raiden 1L Wire & Cable Pulling Lubricant
By: Raiden
AED 60.00
AED 66.009% OFF
Permatex 5Oz Bulb Grease, 85184
By: Permatex
AED 68.00
AED 75.009% OFF
Dolphin 400ml White Lithium Grease Spray
By: Dolphin
AED 27.00
AED 30.0010% OFF
  • Compact Construction

  • Packed with Features

Liquid Wrench L616 10.25 Oz White Lithium Grease
By: Liquid Wrench
AED 44.00
AED 49.0010% OFF
  • White Lithium Grease with Cerflon Cuts Friction To Extend Life

  • Features State of The Art Cerflon Solid Lubricant for Superior

Permatex 0.33Oz Dielectric Tune-Up Grease, 81150-6PK (Pack of 6)
STP 500ml Heavy Duty Engine De-greasers, GST73500ENP
Rust-Oleum 11 Oz Clear Dry PTFE Lubricant, 273923
By: Rust-oleum
AED 37.00
AED 58.0036% OFF
  • Resists Heat up to 260 deg C"Will Not Become Gummy

  • Anti-Stain, Odorless, Halogen-Free, can be Used in Metal, Wood, Vinyl

Penray White Lithium Grease, 4816LP
By: Penray
AED 47.00
AED 52.009% OFF
  • Premium Structure Helps Withstand Extreme Temperatures

  • Constructed to Provide Standard & Consistent Performance in Most Vehicles

Permatex 1.5Oz White Lithium Grease, 80345
By: Permatex
AED 41.00
AED 46.0010% OFF
WD-40 330ml Rust Remover Aerosol Spray, 1553282083-2306
  • Constructed of Superior Grade Material that Proffers Immense Usage

  • Premium Structure Helps Withstand Extreme Temperatures

WD-40 420ml Multiuse Sprey with Smart Straw, 2096770220105
WD-40 Lubricant Spray Oil, 501036805
By: Wd-40
AED 21.00
AED 24.0012% OFF
  • Cleans & Protects while Driving Out Moisture

  • Innovatively Frees Sticky Mechanisms

Liquid Wrench LMP8 226g Workhorse Multi-Purpose Lube
By: Liquid Wrench
AED 59.00
AED 65.009% OFF
  • Top Uses: Use On All Moving Parts, Cuts Through Grease,...

Slick-50 500 ml Advance Engine Treatment
By: Slick 50
AED 125.00
AED 138.009% OFF
STP Son of a Gun Radiator Flush, 2096771301449
Liquid Wrench L711 11oz Chain & Cable Lube
By: Liquid Wrench
AED 59.00
AED 65.009% OFF
  • Maximum Protection. Premium Performance. Specially Formulated To Stay Put On...

Liquid Wrench 14oz Multi Purpose Grease, GR011
By: Liquid Wrench
AED 59.00
AED 65.009% OFF
SKF 1kg High Temperature Grease, LGHP 2/1
By: Skf
Available on Request
AED 194.00
  • Good Start-Up Performance at Low Temperatures

  • High Thermal & Mechanical Stability

Liquid Wrench L803 3Oz Blend Anti-Seize Dielectric Grease
  • Lubricate Electrical Connections & Protect From Dirt, Rust, Corrosion &

Liquid Wrench 0.23L Steel & Plastic Multicolour Silicone Spray, M914
  • Safe on Wood, Rubber, Plastics, Metals & Vinyl

  • Disc Brake Quite

Liquid Wrench 14Oz Blend Red Marine Grease Tube, GR015
By: Liquid Wrench
Available on Request
  • High Performance Premium Grease

  • High Load Carrying Ability

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