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Hand Pallet Truck
By: Generic
AED 854.00
AED 940.009% OFF
Lifmex LPTL2 2000kg Hydraulic Long fork Pallet Truck
By: Lifmex
AED 2,379.00
AED 2,617.009% OFF
Sci 550x1200mm 3 Ton Hand Pallet Hydraulic Truck, JPN
By: Sci
AED 2,202.00
AED 2,423.009% OFF
  • Reinforced for Added Strength of Load Capacity

  • Effortless Pallet Entry/Exit Rollers to Make it Easier to Push

Eagle 800mm Pallet Truck Scales Scissor Lift, ESLT10
By: Eagle Scales
AED 3,358.00
AED 3,694.009% OFF
Lifmex LPPT2.5 195mm Hydraulic Low Profile Pallet Truck
By: Lifmex
AED 1,869.00
AED 2,056.009% OFF
Lifmex LPT2.5T 200mm Hydraulic Pallet Truck
By: Lifmex
AED 1,038.00
AED 1,142.009% OFF
Eagle Scales 2500kg Hand Pallet Truck, EPT68512
By: Eagle Scales
AED 1,224.00
AED 1,347.009% OFF
Lifmex LGPT2-5T 1100mm Galv Pallet Truck
By: Lifmex
AED 2,416.00
AED 2,658.009% OFF
Sci 550x1200mm 5 Ton Hand Pallet Hydraulic Truck, DER
By: Sci
AED 3,149.00
AED 3,499.0010% OFF
  • Reinforced for Added Strength of Load Capacity

  • Manual Hydraulic Carrier is the Most Simple, Effective & Common

Aqson 300kg Foldable Platform Trolley
By: Aqson
AED 145.00
AED 160.009% OFF
  • Excellent All Purpose Trolley, Ideal for Warehouse Picking & Moving...

Abbasali 36 inch Plastic Mechanic Garage Creeper Trolley
By: Abbasali
AED 155.00
AED 171.009% OFF
Prestar NF-327 300kg Platform Trolley
By: Prestar
AED 2,990.00
AED 3,289.009% OFF
Pro-Tech 150kg Light Duty Platform Trolley, PPLT-110
By: Pro Tech
AED 120.00
AED 161.0025% OFF
Prestar 300kg Platform Trolley, PF-307C-P
By: Prestar
AED 2,136.00
AED 2,350.009% OFF
Black & Decker 90Kg Steel Black & Orange Decker Folding Truck, BXWT-H202
By: Black & Decker
AED 275.00
AED 303.009% OFF
FHT 2 Wheel Hand Trolley
By: Fht
AED 219.00
AED 241.009% OFF
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame Dual Handle with Grips Expandable Base...

Robustline 80kg Aluminium Silver Folding Trolley
By: Robustline
AED 149.00
AED 164.009% OFF
Milano 60kg Steel Blue Platform Hand Trolley, YB-60
By: Milano
AED 163.00
AED 180.009% OFF
Prestar NF-307W 300kg Platform Trolley
By: Prestar
AED 3,398.00
AED 3,738.009% OFF
Tolsen 70kg Yellow Foldable Hand Trolley, 62600
By: Tolsen
AED 116.00
AED 128.009% OFF
Rubi 140kg Slab Trolley, 18934
By: Rubi
AED 3,000.00
AED 3,473.0013% OFF
  • Stop & Fix Braking System for Safe Loading & Unloading

  • Wheels Equipped with 360 deg Rotation for Safer Transport Around

Jumbo 300kg Dual Reinforced Bar Platform Trolley
By: Jumbo
AED 162.00
AED 179.009% OFF
  • Foldable Handle

Stanley 300kg Steel Yellow & Black Platform Truck, SXWTD-PC528
Prestar 74x48x20cm 150kg Platform Trolley, NB-101
By: Prestar
AED 434.00
AED 100,000.0099% OFF
  • 4 Wheels

  • Compact Construction

Stanley 150/200kg Steel Yellow Multi Truck, SXWTD-MT519
Prestar NB-127 150kg Platform Trolley
By: Prestar
AED 1,835.00
AED 2,019.009% OFF
Gazelle G2501 720x490mm Blue Platform Trolley with Foldable Handle
Prestar 400kg Platform Trolley, NG-403-6
By: Prestar
AED 1,944.00
AED 2,139.009% OFF
Abbasali 30kg Green Air Wheel Barrow
By: Abbasali
AED 161.00
AED 178.009% OFF
ShoWay 100kg Iron Blue Platform Folding Hand Cart, LC-FTC-003
  • New Upgrade : Tpr Silent Rubber Casters, More Durable, Built-In

  • Sponge Handrail : Non-Slip, Cold-Proof, Comfortable to the Touch

Prestar NB101 740x480mm Steel Blue Foldable Platform Hand Trolley
Showay 100kg Blue Folding Hand Platform Trolley
By: Showay
AED 99.00
AED 116.0014% OFF
  • Heavy Duty Folding Hand Trucks or Hand Folding Truck Cart

Abbasali 300kg Unbreakable Foldable Platform Trolly
By: Abbasali
AED 428.00
AED 471.009% OFF
Prestar TF-402 400kg Platform Trolley
By: Prestar
AED 1,224.00
AED 1,347.009% OFF
Tolsen 300kg Yellow Foldable Platform Hand Truck, 62606
Milano 120kg Steel Blue Platform Hand Trolley, YB-120
By: Milano
AED 244.00
AED 269.009% OFF
Prestar PG-502 600kg Platform Trolley
By: Prestar
AED 2,413.00
AED 2,655.009% OFF
Prestar NB-107 150kg Platform Trolley
By: Prestar
AED 1,563.00
AED 1,720.009% OFF
Eagle 150kg Blue & White Platform Hand Trolley, TD1-150
Prestar PG-503 600kg Platform Trolley
By: Prestar
AED 2,718.00
AED 2,990.009% OFF

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