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Bosch GWS 9-115 900W 11500rpm Professional Angle Grinder
  • It is Easy to Use

  • The High-power Motor, With a No-load Speed of 11500rpm, Delivers

Makita 9557HNG 840W 115mm Electric Angle Grinder
Dewalt 730W 115mm Small Angle Grinder with Slide Switch, DWE4010-B5
  • Small Girth Allows User to Maintain a Comfortable Grip, Resulting

  • A Non Locking Slider Switch Ensures the Grinder Switches Off

Bosch 115 mm 750W Professional Angle Grinder, GWS 750-115
  • Improved Motor Cooling to Handle Long-time Work

  • High Removal Rate & Overload Capability

Ideal 2030W 6600rpm Angle Grinder, ID AGH230
By: Ideal
AED 285.00
AED 314.009% OFF
Makita 2200W 180mm Angle Grinder, GA7020
By: Makita
AED 504.00
AED 100,000.0099% OFF
  • Ergonomically Designed for Ease of Handling

  • Superior Construction of the Tools Resists Corrosion

Milwaukee Fuel Angle Grinder Kit, M18CAG125X-503X, 8500 RPM, 125MM, 18V, 6 Pcs/Kit
By: Milwaukee
AED 2,345.00
AED 2,580.009% OFF
Teka TR-550 Waste Grinder, 115890013
By: Teka
AED 1,056.00
AED 1,162.009% OFF
Bosch 2600W Angle Grinder, GWS 26-230 H
By: Bosch
AED 808.00
AED 100,000.0099% OFF
  • Grinding Spindle Thread Comes with M 14

  • Powerful 2600 Watt Motor with Maximum Reserves of Power for

Ford FP7-0018 2100W 180mm Professional Angle Grinder
Ford FP7-0044 750W 100mm Professional Angle Grinder
By: Ford
AED 200.00
AED 245.0018% OFF
  • Spindle Lock

  • 3-position Auxiliary Handle

Proxxon 100W Long Neck Angle Grinder, 28547
By: Proxxon
AED 442.00
AED 487.009% OFF
Bosch GWS 21-230 H 2000W 230mm Professional Angle Grinder
Makita 115mm 840W Angle Grinder, 9557HN
By: Makita
AED 424.00
AED 467.009% OFF
Makita 9555HNG 710W 125mm Angle Grinder
By: Makita
AED 254.00
AED 308.0017% OFF
  • Small Circumference Barrel Grip for Easy Handling

  • Less Weight & Easy to Handle

Bosch GWS-17-125-CIE 1700W Professional Angle Grinder
By: Bosch
AED 539.00
AED 100,000.0099% OFF
Makita 9553HNG 710W 110mm Cast Iron & Plastic Blue Angle Grinder
  • Less Weight & Easy to Handle

  • Labyrinth Construction Protects All Ball Bearings From Dust & Debris

Ideal 2200W 6600rpm Blue Angle Grinder, ID-AGH230
By: Ideal
AED 236.00
AED 260.009% OFF
  • Abrasion Protected Motor for Increased Durability

  • Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Grip

Tolsen 150W 6 inch Bench Grinder, 79646
By: Tolsen
AED 148.00
AED 163.009% OFF
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Base

  • Adjustable Work Rest

Tolsen 350W 2950rpm Bench Grinder, 942765
By: Tolsen
AED 250.00
AED 275.009% OFF
Makita GB601 240W 378x12.7mm Black & Blue Bench Grinder
By: Makita
AED 916.00
AED 1,031.0011% OFF
Stanley 373W 6 inch Bench Grinder, STGB3715-B5
By: Stanley
AED 272.00
AED 347.0021% OFF
Bosch 115mm M14 Black Backing Pad for Angle Grinder
By: Bosch
AED 284.00
AED 313.009% OFF
  • Constructed of Industrial Grade Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Material for Strength

  • Help to Keep the Disc Cool on Heat Sensitive Metals

Stanley 900W 115mm Small Angle Grinder, STGS9115-B5
By: Stanley
AED 167.00
AED 187.0010% OFF
  • Compact Housing Shape Design Allows Comfortable Gripping Resulting in Superior

  • Long Endurance by High Quality Commutator & Durable Carbon Brush

Stanley 230mm 2200W Large Angle Grinder, SL229-B5
By: Stanley
AED 406.00
AED 447.009% OFF
  • Lockable Trigger for Continuous Use, Sealed Against Dust & Metal

  • Side Handle with 3 Positions for Better Adaptation to Work

Ideal 1200W 11800rpm Blue Angle Grinder, ID-AGH125B
By: Ideal
AED 144.00
AED 159.009% OFF
  • Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Grip

  • Abrasion Protected Motor for Increased Durability

Ideal 850W 11000rpm Yellow Angle Grinder, ID-AG812
By: Ideal
AED 124.00
AED 137.009% OFF
  • Abrasion Protected Motor for Increased Durability

  • Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Grip

Makita GA9020 2200W 230mm Angle Grinder
By: Makita
AED 496.00
AED 731.0032% OFF
  • Shaft Lock for Easy Wheel Changes

  • Easier Repairing of Gear Section Assembled With Key

Dewalt 125mm Yellow, Black & Silver Durable Angle Grinder
  • Independent Box & Spring Brush Holder Design Increases Brush Life

  • A Non Locking Slider Switch Ensures the Grinder Switches off

Yato 710W 11000rpm Angle Grinder, YT-82091BS
By: Yato
AED 140.00
AED 154.009% OFF
Bosch 1400W 125mm Professional Angle Grinder, GWS 1400
  • Proficiently Anchored & Sprucely Crafted

  • Flaunts a Sturdy Textured Handhold

Milwaukee Large Braking Grinder With Paddle Switch, M18FLAG230XPDB-121C, Fuel, 230MM, 18V
By: Milwaukee
AED 3,593.00
AED 3,953.009% OFF
Ideal 850W 4000rpm Concrete Vibrator, ID VR850
By: Ideal
AED 167.00
AED 184.009% OFF
Bosch GWS 26-230 JH 2600W 230mm Professional Angle Grinder
  • Armoured Coils that Protect the Motor against Sharp Grinding Dust

  • Double-Sealed Ball Bearings & the Especially Sturdy Gearing Guarantee A

Ideal 850W Yellow Angle Grinder, ID-AG801
By: Ideal
AED 96.00
AED 106.009% OFF
  • Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Grip

  • Abrasion Protected Motor for Increased Durability

T-Tovia 20V 4.0Ah Cordless Angle Grinder with Side Handle & Battery Pack
  • Kicknack Brake Engages When A Pinch, Stall or Bind-Up Event...

  • The Brushless Motor Eliminates Carbon Brushes Enabling the Motor to

Stanley 710W 100mm Small Angle Grinder, STGS7100-B5
By: Stanley
AED 173.00
AED 191.009% OFF
Makita 115mm 710W Angle Grinder, 9554HNG
By: Makita
AED 278.00
AED 371.0025% OFF
  • Labyrinth Construction Protects Ball Bearings from Dust & Debris

  • Small Circumference Body for Easy Handling

Dewalt 2200W 230mm Large Angle Grinder, DWE492-B5
By: Dewalt
AED 429.00
AED 532.0019% OFF
  • Brush Window Allows Quick Brush Replacement

  • Abrasion Protected Motor for Increased Durability

Ford FP7-0003 850W 125mm Professional Angle Grinder
By: Ford
AED 227.00
AED 279.0018% OFF

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