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Dewalt 500W 220V High Performance Jigsaw, DW349-B5
By: Dewalt
AED 281.00
AED 310.009% OFF
  • Motor with Large Power Reserves Gives Performance & Durability

  • Compact, Ergonomic, Design Gives User Comfort & Versatility in Use

Makita P-36697 720W Jigsaw Machine
  • Low Noise & Low Vibration

  • Ergonomic Design Rubberized Grip

Dewalt XR Brushless Body Grip Jigsaw, DCS335N-XJ, Li-Ion, 18V
Milwaukee Top Handle Cordless Jigsaw Kit, M18FJS-502X, Fuel, 18V, 25MM
By: Milwaukee
AED 2,834.00
AED 3,118.009% OFF
Bosch GST-90-BE 650W Professional Jigsaw
By: Bosch
AED 523.00
AED 100,000.0099% OFF
  • Tool-free Bosch SDS System Makes Changing Saw Blades Easy

  • Bow Handle With Variable Speed Trigger Enables Steady Day-to-Day Work

Bosch GST-700 500W Professional Jigsaw Machine
By: Bosch
AED 279.00
AED 100,000.0099% OFF
  • High Performance in Cutting Speed & Quality

  • Faster & Easier Blade Chan

Ferm 450W 3100rpm Professional Jig Saw, JSM1028P
By: Ferm
AED 226.00
AED 249.009% OFF
  • Variable Electronic Speed Control

  • Vacuum-Cleaner Connection

Makita D-Handle Cordless Jig Saw, JV103DZ, 12V, 23MM Stroke, 3000 SPM
Makita Brushless Barrel Handle Jigsaw, JV102DZ, 12V, 23MM Stroke
Milwaukee Top Handle Cordless Jigsaw Kit, M18FJS-0X, Fuel, 18V, 25MM
By: Milwaukee
AED 1,700.00
AED 1,870.009% OFF
Tolsen 800W 3200rpm Jigsaw, 942142
By: Tolsen
AED 158.00
AED 174.009% OFF
Stanley 600W 20mm Variable Speed Jigsaw
By: Stanley
AED 276.00
AED 304.009% OFF
  • Variable Speed Dial Provides Multiple Speed Settings for Optimal Cutting

  • Keyless Blade Change Makes Blade Replacements Fast & Easy

Stanley 450W Variable Speed Jigsaw, SJ45-B5
By: Stanley
AED 166.00
AED 267.0037% OFF
  • Tool Free Bevel Adjustments at 0 Degree, 15 Degree, 30

  • Variable Speed Dial Provides Multiple Speed Setting for Optimal Cutting

Ideal 580W 1300rpm Electric Jigsaw Machine, ID JDC85
  • To Cut at an Inclination That Forms an Angle Other

  • Drills Usually Have a Variable Speed Trigger, Meaning That the

Harden 570W 3000rpm Electric Jig Saw
By: Harden
AED 233.00
AED 257.009% OFF
Makita 450W Multicolour Jig Saw Machine, 4326
By: Makita
AED 56.00
AED 62.009% OFF
Edon Jig Saw, OAF21-JB, 21V, 65MM
By: Edon
AED 261.00
AED 288.009% OFF
Bosch GST-8000-E 710W Professional Jigsaw
By: Bosch
AED 349.00
AED 100,000.0099% OFF
  • One-hand Tool Less Blade Change System

  • Powerful 710 W Motor for Fast Cutting in Any Type

Stanley 600W Jigsaw, STSJ0600KB5
By: Stanley
AED 233.00
AED 257.009% OFF
Dewalt XR Brushless Jigsaw With Bare Unit, DCS334N-XJ, Li-Ion, 18V
Makita 450W 1.7mm Rubberized Grip Handle Jig Saw, 4326
By: Makita
AED 254.00
AED 318.0020% OFF
  • Dust Cover Prevents Scattering of Tips

  • Ergonomically Designed Handle with Rubberized Grip Provides More Control &

Makita 4327 450W Blue Jigsaw Machine
By: Makita
AED 306.00
AED 347.0011% OFF
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle With Rubberized Grip Provides More Control &

Makita 30x197cm Blue & Black Jigsaw, 4329/220
Ford 550W Blue Jigsaw Machine, FP7-0047
By: Ford
Available on Request
  • SDS Shank for Toolless Quick Release/replacement of Blades

  • Ergonomic Soft Grip for Easy & Comfortable Handling

Black & Decker 19mm Orange & Black Cordless Pendulum Electric Jigsaw, BDCJS18N-XJ
  • Tool Free Blade Change

  • Three Position Pendulum for Faster Cutting

Black & Decker 400W 1.8m Corded Orange & Black Single Speed Cutting Jigsaw, JS10-B5
  • Convenient Ensures Functionality with its Universal Blade Clamp

  • Clean Integral Dust Blow Feature Keeps the Line of Cut

Bosch 50mm Aluminium Grey & Blue Jigsaw Blades (Pack of 5)
  • Braced to Ensure Both Resilience & Versatility Attributes

  • Superior Construction of the Tools Resists Corrosion & Bestows Long

Black & Decker 120V Black & Orange Smart Decker Jig Saw, BDEJS600C
  • Premium Material Construction Exhibits Abrasion Resistant Durability

  • Vibrant Colours Stimulate Visual Development

Geepas 800W Jigsaw Machine, GJS0800
By: Geepas
Available on Request
  • Built-in Laser Guide & Scale Ruler Help Keep Your Cuts

  • This Jigsaw is Your Excellent Choice for Curve-cutting & Scallop-cutting

Makita 2m 450W Blue & Black Electric Jigsaw, 4326
Black & Decker 28W 13mm Plastic Black & Silver Multievo Jigsaw Kit, VH-3940
  • Comes with A Drill Driver Head that Provides the Speed

  • Crafted in A Manner that Hinders Deformation

Metabo Professional Grade-STEB 80 Quick 37.2cm Green & Black Jig Saw
  • Extraction Possibility by Means of Connecting an All-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

  • Metabo Quick for Changing Saw Blades Without Tools

Geepas 650W 8x80mm Jigsaw Machine, GJS0650
By: Geepas
Available on Request
Black & Decker 650W Orange & Black Pendulum Jigsaw, BES610-GB
  • Sightline Channel Allows the User to Follow the Line of

  • Variable Speed for Better Control in Different Materials

Black & Decker 520W Orange & Black Variable Speed Jigsaw Kit, KS701EK-GB
  • Convenient Positive Bevel Detents at 0 & 45 Deg

  • Comfortable-Lock-On Switch for Increased Comfort During Prolonged Cutting

Bosch 18mm 450W Blue & Black Professional Jigsaw, GST 650
Black & Decker 400W Orange Jigsaw, KS500-GB
By: Black & Decker
Available on Request
  • The Lock-on Switch Increases Comfort During Prolonged Cutting

  • Integral Blade Storage Allows Various Blades to be Kept with

Bosch GST-650 450W Professional Jigsaw
By: Bosch
Available on Request
  • Compact Design, Minimal Vibration, Slim Handle & Lightweight for Easy

  • Adjustable Stroke Rate for Various Materials; Individual Speed Selection Wheel

Makita 450W Variable Speed Jigsaw, M4301
By: Makita
Available on Request

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