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3M System Component Head Harness Assembly, 7581
  • Easy Installation Allows For Quick Replacement

  • Replaceable Part Can Potentially Result In Respiratory Equipment Cost Savings

3M Virtua AP Protective Eyewear Grey Hard Coat Lens Safety Goggle, 11815-00000-20
  • General Everyday Eye Protection &

  • Comfortable, Lightweight Frame Weight Less Than 1 oz

3M E-A-RSOFT 500 Pairs Neon Yellow Disposable Ear Plug Box, 391-1004
  • Earplugs are Easy to Roll Down and Insert, then Expand

  • Soft, Slow-recovery Foam for Comfort and Outstanding Noise Reduction

3M Standard EAR UltraFit Corded Carrying Case Earplug, 340-4002
  • No Need to Roll Earplugs Before Fitting So The Tips

  • Compatible With a Variety Of Protective Eyewear and Hearing Protection

3M Peltor H10A Over Head Ear Muffler
By: 3m
Available on Request
  • Unique Low Profile Headband Design Helps Maintain Constant Pressure Thus

  • Soft Wide Cushions helps Reduce Pressure around the ears

3M Standard P100 Oil & Non-Oil Particulate Respirator, 8293
  • Adjustable Buckle Straps Help Provide a Secure Fit

3M Acid Gas Cartridge, 6002
By: 3m
Available on Request
3M 2MA0030 Blue & Yellow Household Cleaning Gloves, Size: Medium
  • Flocked Lining to Help Keep Hands Cool & Comfortable

  • Offers Comfortable & Reliable Hand Protection when Cleaning around the

3M Bayonet Filter Adapter, 502
By: 3m
Available on Request
  • Particle Filter Adapters Increases Scope Of Potential Applications

  • Filter/Cartridge User Instructions For More Information

3M White Disposable Hooded Protective Coverall, VA229M, Size: M
  • Effectively Covers Body to Protect Clothes from Dust, Germs &

  • Attuned in Breathable Fabric

3M Translucent White Filter Retainer, 501
  • Particle Filter Adapters Increases Scope Of Potential Applications

  • Welding Shield, Cool Flow Exhalation Valve, Drop-Down Feature, Enhanced Comfort,

3M 4.3 inch P95 Particulate Filter, 2071
3M N95 White Particulate Respirator Dust Mask, 8210Plus
  • Cushioning Nose Foam

  • Advanced Filter Media

3M 9210 N95 Dust/Mist Particulate Respirator
3M N95 Respirator Mask, 8210
By: 3m
Available on Request
  • Particle Types: Non-Oil

  • Aerosol Type: Non-Oil

3M H-700 Polyethylene Vented Hard Hat
By: 3m
Available on Request
3M Seepro Plus Black Temple Clear Lens Fighter Protective Eyewear, 15957
  • Economical Choice that Offers a One-Piece Lens Construction

  • Contoured Adjustable Temples

3M Virtua AP Protective Eyewear Clear Hard Coat Lens Safety Goggle, 11819-00000-20
  • General Everyday Eye Protection &

  • High-Wrap Lenses Fit Snug Against The Face For A Better

3M 9105 Flat Fold Particulate Respirator
3M Filter Retainer, 504
By: 3m
Available on Request
  • Convenient For Respirator Hygiene and Sanitary Protection Between Uses &

  • Disposable, One-Time-Use For Convenience

3M 12 Pcs Pink Wire Hooks Set, 51141369488
  • Clear Strips Work Best on Smooth Surfaces Clean with Isopropyl

  • Separate the Strips & Remove the Black Line its the

3M 18 Pcs Polypropylene White Filter Retainer Set, 3M501
  • Properly Selected, Cartridges & Filters Help Provide Protection from a

  • Designed to Protect against a Variety of Gases, Vapours &