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Yato 795x790x370mm 3 Tray Workshop Trolley, YT-55210
Yato 93.2x66.5x45.3cm 7 Drawers Roller Cabinet with 141 Pcs Tools Kit, YT-55291
  • Universal Perforation Enables Retrofitting the Cabinet with Additional Elements

  • Central Locking & Individual Closing of Each Drawer

Yato 958x766x465mm 6 Drawers Roller Cabinet, YT-0902
By: Yato
AED 1,755.00
AED 1,931.009% OFF
  • Side Perforated Panels, for Hanging Tools

  • Self-Lock Drawers, with 2 Keys

Yato 660x305x410mm Upper Opening Wall Cabinet, YT-08935
Yato 90.5x68x45.5cm 3 Drawers Service Cabinet with 162 Pcs Tools Kit, YT-55280
  • Classic Elegant Design & High Quality of Yato Tools

  • The Cabinet has a Fold-Out Shelf with Dimensions of 310x200

Yato 660x457x863mm 4 Drawers Workshop Base Cabinet, YT-08933
  • Ball Bearing

  • Solid, Metal Structure of Cabinets & Panels Lockable Cabinets

Yato 660x457x863mm 2 Door Workshop Base Cabinet, YT-08934
Yato 1110x1020x460mm Roller Cabinet, YT-09141
By: Yato
AED 2,178.00
AED 2,396.009% OFF
  • Caster Wheels Make for Easy Moving, Locking System

  • Wood Worktop with Pulling Handle, Non-Slip, Max Load 450 Kg

Yato 660x457x2000mm 2 Door High Workshop Cabinet with 3 Shelves, YT-08931
  • Adjustable Feet

Yato 958x766x465mm 7 Drawers Roller Cabinet, YT-09031
By: Yato
AED 1,906.00
AED 2,097.009% OFF
  • Plastic Worktop, Non-Slip, Max Load 450 kg

  • 7 Drawers without Tools

Yato 1500x605x185mm Sliding Door Shutter Cabinet, YT-09061
  • Both Sliding Doors Can Be Moved to Opposite & Locked

Yato 958x766x465mm 7 Drawers Grey Steel Worktop Roller Cabinet, YT-0904
  • Self-Lock Drawers, with 2 Keys

  • Caster Wheels Make for Easy Moving, Locking System

Yato 177 Pcs 97.5x76.5x46.5cm Steel Service Cabinet with Tools Kit, YT-55300
  • Central Locking with 2 Keys & Individual Lock for Each

  • Double Walls

Yato 95.8x76.6x46.5cm 7 Drawers Roller Cabinet with 189 Pcs Tools Kit, YT-55292
  • In 7 Drawers on Ball Bearing Slides

  • Profiles are Made of Double Steel Sheet

Yato 905x685x455mm 3 Drawers Wooden Top Roller Cabinet, YT-55281
  • Self-Lock Drawers

  • 3 Middle Drawers with Ball Bearings

Yato 98x77x46.5cm 7 Drawers Service Tool Cabinet with 211 Pcs Tools Kit, YT-55290
  • Wheels with a Brake

  • The Top 5 Drawers Contain 211 Carefully Selected Tools