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Yato 150 Pcs 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inch Drive CrV 6140, CrV 6150 & CrV 50BV30 Tool Kit, YT-38811
Abbasali 2 Pcs 2 inchx55 Yards Clear Packaging Tape Rolls
Abbasali Magnetic Door Catch, Abbasali Heavy Duty Cabinet Magnet Catches, Kitchen Door Latch Furniture Fitting Closet Cupboard Wardrobe Silent Locks Stopper Hardware With Screws (Pack Of 15)
Abbasali 4mm Plastic Ceramic Tile Spacers (Pack of 200)
Uken Measuring Tape 10 m(25mm) Green
By: Uken
AED 39.00
AED 43.009% OFF
Abbasali 3Pcs 6mm Spring Snap Hook Carabiner Set
By: Abbasali
AED 22.00
AED 25.0012% OFF
Abbasali 30mmx8m Polyethylene Terephthalate White Half Round Wire Cover
Abbasali Brown Silicon Gun with Silicon
By: Abbasali
AED 39.00
AED 43.009% OFF
Abbasali 100cm Brown Door Bottom Brush Seal with Screw
By: Abbasali
AED 26.00
AED 29.0010% OFF
Tamtek 24Pcs Electrical Tool Kit
By: Tamtek
AED 840.00
AED 924.009% OFF
Abbasali Bird Water Dispenser
By: Abbasali
AED 33.00
AED 37.0010% OFF
Abbasali 2 Ton Scissor Jack + Extendable Wheel Brace Socket Wrench Tire Repair Kit with Safety Jacket
Yato 82 Pcs 1/4 & 1/2 inch Drive CrV 6150 Tool Kit, YT-12691
Abbasali 6mm White Steel Nails Tacks Holder Electrical Cable Wire Round Clips (Pack of 100)
Uken Nut Driver-7mm
By: Uken
AED 23.00
AED 26.0011% OFF
Abbasali 8 Pcs Quick Coupling Adapter Set
By: Abbasali
AED 100.00
AED 110.009% OFF
Royal Star 4 PCS Masonry Drill Bits
By: Royal Star
AED 14.00
AED 21.0033% OFF
Abbasali 24 Pcs Socket Set with 2 Pcs 3 Ton Jack Stand
By: Abbasali
AED 220.00
AED 242.009% OFF
Abbasali 95cm Closet & Cupboard Organizer Wardrobe Bar (Pack of 6)
Abbasali 3mm Plastic Ceramic Tile Spacers (Pack of 200)
Uken Padlock Long Shackle 50mm
By: Uken
AED 56.00
AED 62.009% OFF
Abbasali 7 Pcs Filling Putty Knives Set with Anti-Slip Handle
Abbasali 52cm Black Tool Lanyard With Single Action Carabiner
Abbasali 12 Pcs 2 inchx55 Yards Clear Packaging Tape Rolls
Abbasali 6 Pcs 1-3/8 inch Plastic White Wire Cord Cable Grommets Hole Cover Set
Abbasali 6m Rubber & Steel Propane Butane Lpg Gas Pipe
Abbasali 12 Pairs Cotton Gloves Knitted Glove Safety Dotted Grip, Size: Free
Abbasali 500 Pcs Cable Clips with Steel Nail Set
By: Abbasali
AED 42.00
AED 47.0010% OFF
Generic 46pcs 155mm Alloy Steel Silver Ratchet Torque Wrench Hand Tool Kit, 2724597250874
Abbasali 12V Mini Electric Fuel Transfer & Submersible Water Oil Pump with Filter
NJM 10inchx20mm Wheel for Hand Trolley (Pack of 2)
  • Durable Heavy Duty Solid Wheels to Be Fixed With Hand

Abbasali Home & Professional Use Tool Kit
By: Abbasali
AED 300.00
AED 330.009% OFF
Abbasali 10mm White Steel Nails Tacks Holder Electrical Cable Wire Round Clips (Pack of 100)
Uken U5800 Chain Pully Block (1 Tonx3M)
By: Uken
AED 271.00
AED 299.009% OFF
Heytec Hp 5081343-9 Set Of Ball Head Hexagonal Wrenches
Yato 23 Pcs HSS Tool Kit, YT-55471
By: Yato
AED 137.00
AED 151.009% OFF
Yato 94 Pcs 1/4 inch & 1/2 inch Drive CrV 6140, CrV 6150 & CrV 50BV30 Tool Kit, YT-12681
Yato 16 Pcs 3/8 inch Drive CrV VDE Insulated Tool Kit, YT-21280
Abbasali 4mm SS Flat Corner Right Angle Bracket Repair Plates with 50x50mm Mounting Screws
Abbasali 60mm Alloy Steel Heavy Duty Padlock with 3 Keys

Buy High-Quality Hand Tools at Best Prices in UAE

A hand tool is a tool that is powered by the user's hands as opposed to a motor. For industrial applications, DIY projects, and workshops, hand tools such as hammers, spanners, wrenches, strippers, cutters, vices and clamps, strippers and cutters, pliers, bars & handle shapes are crucial. Moglix UAE has developed a broad selection of hand tools available online to fulfill the demands of technicians, professionals, DIYers, and office-based consumers. The products Moglix UAE sells come from top brands that you may consider purchasing for complete satisfaction.


Types of Popular Hand Tools Suitable for a Variety of Industrial Uses


Allen & Torx Key: Allen & Torx Keys are utilized to secure or loosen socket head bolts and screws. These practical instruments typically come in sets of various sizes. They are usually made of steel and have long handles or screwdriver handles for convenience. An Allen key with a T handle is often used for quick tightening. Allen key sets that fold up make them easy to store in your pocket and transport for any size you may encounter. Hex keys are incredibly useful items that belong in your toolbox.


Pliers are employed to remove undesirable components, bend other materials, and firmly grip items. Additionally, it can be used to cut, bend, or straighten cables, remove nails, or just hold objects firmly in place. One of the best kinds of pliers has needle ends that can cut wire. They are helpful in both homes and workshops.


Hammers: A hammer is made to exert a greater force in a small space. It consists of a long wooden stick that is fastened to a metal block. Hammers have a round side and an angular side. A hammer is incredibly adaptable whether you want to break something or nail something.


Strippers & Cutters: When adjusting nuts and bolts, cutting metallic wires and cables, and other tasks, Strippers & Cutters can be of great assistance. Simple physics governs the operation of wire strippers, which resemble a pair of scissors in that they contain two opposed blades. Their designs have a center notch that makes it simpler to cut through wire insulation without actually damaging the wire.


Crimping Tools: By deforming one or both of the metal components to hold them together, crimping tools unite two metal pieces. Crimping is a common method for joining or joining wires to other connectors while working with wires.


At Moglix.ae you will also get other durable hand tools such as Die Sets, Knives, Spanners, Chisels, Wrenches, and more.


Top Hand Tool Suppliers to Buy From

Hand tools at Moglix UAE are ISO certified, and suitable for use in industries, small companies, and household applications.


Stanley Hand Tools: Due to their outstanding quality, Stanley hand tools are well-known in the UAE. They are dedicated to giving their customers only the best hand tools. 


Gazelle Hand Tools: Hand tool manufacturer Gazelle is a well-known name in the UAE. They offer a large variety of hand tools, including Pliers, Hammers, Spanners, Wrenches, and many others.


Bosch Hand Tools: Due to the high quality of the products, experts and industrial workers highly esteem Bosch hand tools. The hand tools manufactured by Bosch are portable, making them appropriate for both large- and small-scale company activities.


Dewalt Hand Tools: One of the top hand tool suppliers in the UAE is Dewalt. They provide first-class customer service and the highest caliber hand tools. A wide range of these tools are manufactured by them and are available at Moglix at reasonable prices.


Makita Hand Tools: In the UAE, Makita offers the best selection of hand tools. Based on your needs, Makita has a wide selection of high-quality hand tools at affordable prices. 


We also have a wide variety of various other popular brands, such as Ingco, Master, Deli, Presto, Arrow, etc. Each tool on the site of Moglix.ae is purchased directly from the suppliers, guaranteeing its high caliber and dependability.

Moglix.ae - Leading Hand Tool Supplier in UAE

We at Moglix UAE are here for you to find the right hand tools you need. Quality tests are performed on the products before they are distributed, so you can be confident that the hand tools you buy from us are delivered to you in flawless operating condition. In addition to being one of the top hand tool suppliers in the UAE. From simple tools to more specialized tools like wrenches and pliers, hand tool providers in the UAE offer a wide selection of these hand tools.


For complete customer satisfaction, you will find all top brands selling high-quality products that are reasonably priced on Moglix.ae.