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Yato 600g Machinist Hammer, YT-4506
By: Yato
AED 23.00
AED 26.0011% OFF
Wokin 200g Fiberglass Machinist Hammer
By: Wokin
AED 36.00
AED 40.0010% OFF
  • Black Painted, Heat Treatment

  • Drop Forged Special Tool Steel Hammerhead

Yato 300g Machinist Hammer, YT-4503
By: Yato
AED 18.00
AED 20.0010% OFF
  • The Head of the Hammer is Cold-Forged, the Surface is

  • The Connection is Secured with a Metal Ring Wedge, the...

Yato 1000g Machinist Hammer, YT-4508
By: Yato
AED 28.00
AED 31.009% OFF
Yato 28mm 250g Pu & Nylon Heads Mallet with Wooden Handle, YT-4631
Stanley 16 Oz Fiberglass Hammer, STHT51391
By: Stanley
AED 45.00
AED 52.0013% OFF
  • Surface & Nail Polished & Heat Treated

  • Fiberglass Structure Absorbs More Vibrations When Hitting

Yato 450g Ball Pein Hammer, YT-4516
By: Yato
AED 28.00
AED 31.009% OFF
Yato 2kg Safety Stoning Hammer, YT-4553
By: Yato
AED 42.00
AED 47.0010% OFF
Beorol 295mm Rubber Hammer with Wooden Handle, CG250
Stanley 57-527-8 Rubber Mallet Hammer
By: Stanley
AED 23.00
AED 26.0011% OFF
Yato 680g Ball Pein Hammer, YT-4517
By: Yato
AED 32.00
AED 36.0011% OFF
Yato 35mm 340g Pu & Nylon Heads Mallet with Wooden Handle, YT-4632
Stanley 32 Oz Ball Pein Hammer, 54-193
By: Stanley
AED 59.00
AED 65.009% OFF
  • Select Clear Lacquered Wooden Hickory Handle

  • Ball End, for Riveting & Poll Used for Normal Strike

Yato 225g Ball Pein Hammer, YT-4515
By: Yato
AED 22.00
AED 25.0012% OFF
Beorol 243mm Carbon Steel Hammer with Fiberglass Handle, CM100
Gazelle 450g Ball Pein Hammer with Fiberglass Handle, G80169
  • Textured Rubberized Grip for Comfort

  • Fiberglass Handle Absorbs Shock & Vibration

Yato 900g Ball Pein Hammer, YT-4518
By: Yato
AED 35.00
AED 39.0010% OFF
Stanley 680g Rubber Mallet Hammer with Wood Handle, STHT57528-8
  • Tough Rubber Head Molded to a Wood Handle

  • Rubber Head Helps Minimize Marring at Surface Damage

Wika 1Lb Ball Pein Hammer with Fiber Handle, WK17052
  • Heat Treatment, Ground Polished

  • Drop-Forged Carbon Steel Hammerhead

Stanley 54-193 Stanley Ball Pein Hammer
By: Stanley
AED 87.00
AED 96.009% OFF
Gazelle G80215 700g Dead Blow Hammer
By: Gazelle
AED 38.00
AED 46.0017% OFF
  • Non-Rebounding & Non-Marring Plastic Faces

  • Non-Spark & Shot-Filled Head

Wokin 35mm Fiberglass Two Way Mallet Hammer, 251835
Uken 8 Oz Rubber Hammer with Fiber Handle, UH19308
Yato 50mm 370g Rubber Mallet with Wooden Handle, YT-4602
  • White Rubber Leaves No Traces on the Material

Stanley 1-51-031 Silver/Black Alloy Steel Master Law Hammer
  • Heat Treated Steel Head

  • Rubber Grip

Beorol 261mm Carbon Steel Black Sledge Hammer, M1000
Yato 225g Carbon Steel Claw Hammer, YT-4523
By: Yato
AED 26.00
AED 29.0010% OFF
  • American Type, Popular Name-Shoemaker's Hammer

  • Round Head with a Bent Nail Puller, Mounted on a

16 Oz Wood Claw Hammer
By: Generic
AED 23.00
AED 26.0011% OFF
Tactix 300g Fiber Handle Machinist Hammer
By: Tactix
AED 32.00
AED 36.0011% OFF
35mm Carbon Steel Orange & Black Double-Faced Soft Hammer
  • Reinforced Head & Fiberglass Handle Without Any Issue of Head

  • Extra Long Handle Fits Perfect in Your Hand

Stanley Stht54191-8 345mm Wood Handle Ball Pein Hammer
Stanley 16 Oz Alloy Steel Claw Hammer, 51-081
By: Stanley
AED 44.00
AED 53.0016% OFF
  • Hardened & Tempered Tubular Steel Shaft for Strength

Makita 52mm 130-280 rpm 2 Mode Rotary Hammer, HR5212C
By: Makita
AED 7,578.00
AED 8,661.0012% OFF
Beorol 325mm Carbon Steel Carpenter Hammer, CTKE
By: Beorol
AED 43.00
AED 52.0017% OFF
  • The Special Magnet Incorporated into the Hammer Head Combined with

  • It is Possible to Nail with One Hand

Rubi 500g White Rubber Mallet Hammer, 65913
By: Rubi
AED 59.00
AED 69.0014% OFF
  • Allows Hitting At any Angle

  • One Flat Surface & the Other Spherical

Beorol 306mm Carbon Steel Hammer with Fiberglass Handle, CM300
Yato 44.5mm 740g Dead Blow Rubber Mallet, YT-4620
  • A Hammer with a Specific Structure, Made of a Material

  • The Head is Filled in Half with a Metal Shot,...

Wokin 16 Oz Orange & Black Ball Pein Hammer
By: Wokin
AED 41.00
AED 46.0010% OFF
  • Heat Treatment, Ground Polished

Yato 1.5kg Safety Stoning Hammer, YT-4552
By: Yato
AED 37.00
AED 41.009% OFF
Geepas GT59128 24 Oz Rubber Mallet Hammer with Fiber Handle
  • Heavy Duty Head

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