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Suki 4mm Gold Drift Punch, Suki-9318
By: Suki
AED 54.00
AED 60.0010% OFF
  • Useful in Removing or Installing Pins & Shafts

  • Has a Knurled Grip Which Enables easy & Efficient Handling

Suki 2mm Gold Drift Punch, 930171AC
By: Suki
AED 47.00
AED 52.009% OFF
  • Made off Optimal Quality Material that Generates the Durability

  • Durable Enough to use Over & Over, yet Affordable Enough

Groz DFP/HD/3-16 5x12x250mm Drift Punch, 25803
Groz DFP/HD/3-16/SPL 5x8x250mm Drift Punch, 25820
Beta 30 3x125mm Drift Punch, 000300030
By: Beta
Available on Request
Groz DFP/HD/7-32/SPL 5.5x19x450mm Drift Punch, 25823
Beta 30 2x125mm Drift Punch, 000300020
By: Beta
Available on Request
Groz DFP/HD/5-32/SPL 4x12x250mm Drift Punch, 25822
Beta 30 4x125mm Drift Punch, 000300040
By: Beta
Available on Request
Groz DFP/HD/3-32 2.5x8x200mm Drift Punch, 25800
Beta 30 6x125mm Drift Punch, 000300060
By: Beta
Available on Request
Groz DFP/HD/5-32 4x10x225mm Drift Punch, 25802
Groz DFP/HD/1-4/SPL 6x10x250mm Drift Punch, 25821
Groz DFP/HD/3-8 9.5x19x375mm Drift Punch, 25807
Groz DFP/HD/3-8/SPL 9.5x16x250mm Drift Punch, 25824
Beta 30 5x125mm Drift Punch, 000300050
By: Beta
Available on Request
Groz DFP/HD/1-8 3x8x200mm Drift Punch, 25801
Groz DFP/HD/7/ST 7 Pcs Drift Punches Set, 25809
Groz DFP/HD/5-16 8x19x300mm Drift Punch, 25806
Groz DFP/HD/1-2 12x22x450mm Drift Punch, 25808
Groz DFP/HD/1-4 6x16x300mm Drift Punch, 25805
Groz DFP/HD/7-32 5.5x12x250mm Drift Punch, 25804

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Suki 4mm Gold Drift Punch, Suki-9318AED 54 10% OFF
Suki 2mm Gold Drift Punch, 930171ACAED 47 9% OFF
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