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Uken 8m Chrome Measuring Tape
By: Uken
AED 32.00
AED 36.0011% OFF
Ylovow 40mm Rubber Castor Wheel with Screws (Pack of 4)
Bosch 10m 4x1.5V LR6 Combi Laser Distance Measurer, GCL25
By: Bosch
AED 1,156.00
AED 1,272.009% OFF
  • Projection: Lines / 5 Points

  • Easy to Operate Using Intuitive User Interface

Stanley Classic 120cm Yellow Box Level, STHT1-43106
By: Stanley
AED 104.00
AED 115.009% OFF
  • Large Tubular Side Vials

  • Vial Accuracy : 0.5mm/M

Taparia Multi Purpose Digital Black Line Tester-MDT-81
Uni-T 690V Multifunction Voltage & Continuity Tester, UT15C
  • Waterproof Type Voltage Tester

  • Uni-T Voltage Tester

SP Scienceware 305mm Glass General Purpose Thermometer, B60800-3100
By: Sp Scienceware
AED 87.00
AED 99.0012% OFF
Digital Scale To Measure The Weight Of Travel Bags
By: Generic
AED 26.00
AED 29.0010% OFF
Yato 0-300mm 300mm Stainless Steel Vernier Caliper, YT-72004
  • MM & Inch

Yato 300mm Aluminum Try Square, YT-7081
By: Yato
AED 25.00
AED 28.0010% OFF
  • Measuring Square with a Foot & Length in mm

  • The Millimeter Scale is Permanently Marked in Black

Yato 260mm Plastic Profile Gauge, YT-3736
By: Yato
AED 38.00
AED 42.009% OFF
  • It has Magnets Holding it on Metal Surface

Yato 1000mm 3 Vials Aluminum Level, YT-3004
By: Yato
AED 33.00
AED 37.0010% OFF
  • Shock Proof

  • High Quality Profile

Yato 100mm 0.05-0.5mm 10 Gauge Steel Feeler, YT-7222
Yato YT-73084 LCD Digital Multimeter
By: Yato
AED 137.00
AED 151.009% OFF
  • Data Hold Function

  • Diode Check, Auto Range & Auto Power Off

Yato 30m 13mm Steel Fiberglass Survey Measuring Tape, YT-71555
  • High-Reinforced Blade

  • Fiberglass Blade

Yato 130mm 12-250V Neon Light LCD Digital Voltage Tester, YT-2862
  • Ac Voltage Detection by Contact Method: 12-250V & Inductive Method

  • Traffic Light (Diode)

Yato 125-250V 190mm Voltage Tester, YT-2830
By: Yato
AED 10.00
AED 11.009% OFF
Yato 0-1 inch 1.5V LCD Digital Outside Micrometers, YT-72305
Yato 20m 4.5V Self Leveling Cross Laser with Trigger, YT-30425
  • Long Range & Visibility During Work

  • A Strong Magnet in the Holder Allows the Laser to

Yato 10m 25mm Steel Metric & inch Measuring Tape, YT-71146
  • Metric Graduation, One Side Printed

Stanley 15m 10mm Yellow Measuring Tape, STHT34104-8
By: Stanley
AED 42.00
AED 47.0010% OFF
  • Polymer Coated Blade Withstands Abrasion

  • Belt Clip for Hands-Free Usage & Convenient Transportation

Stanley 35/50m Green Beam Multi-Line Laser Level, FMHT1-77356
By: Stanley
AED 2,852.00
AED 100,000.0097% OFF
  • Project 3x360 deg Lines

Stanley Tylon 8m Measuring Tape, STHT36195
By: Stanley
AED 40.00
AED 44.009% OFF
  • Positive Blade Lock for Accurate Measurements

  • Matt Finish Blade Reduces Glare & Reflection for Easy Reading

Stanley 97-162cm Optical Level Tripod, 1-77-163
By: Stanley
AED 273.00
AED 301.009% OFF
Stanley 60m Fiberglass Space Measuring Tape, STHT34794-8
  • Resists Corrosion & Bestows Long Service Life

  • Protection Against Elemental Hazards

Stanley 40cm Yellow Standard Box Beam Level, STHT42797
  • Milling Surface Will Not Bend Out of Shape on Impact

  • Soft End Caps Makes It More Durable in Case of

Stanley Fatmax 30m Red Laser Level Set, FMHT1-77413
By: Stanley
AED 758.00
AED 987.0023% OFF
  • Magnetic Base Which Allows for it to be Mounted Directly

  • Multi-Use Tool Which Projects 5 Independent Spot Points

Stanley 50cm Antichoc MLH Spirit Level, 1-42-313
By: Stanley
AED 166.00
AED 171.002% OFF
  • Easier to Grip & Better Ergonomics

  • Magnified Horizontal Vial Improves Accuracy

Stanley STHT43109-8 2000mm 5 Vials Classic Box Beam
By: Stanley
AED 185.00
AED 190.002% OFF
Stanley TLM330 100m Laser Distance Meter, STHT1-77140
By: Stanley
AED 805.00
AED 1,050.0023% OFF
  • Unit Stores Last 20 Measurements Taken for Reference

  • Backlit, 2 Line Display Provides Visibility in All Working Conditions

Stanley 19mm 5m Yellow Short Measuring Tape, STHT36127-812
Stanley 5m Powerlock Measuring Tape, STHT33158-8
By: Stanley
AED 38.00
AED 42.009% OFF
  • Moves to Compensate for Accurate Inside & Outside Measurement

VTools VT2126 3-30V Heavy Duty Cordless DC Circuit Tester
Stanley Multimeter, STHT0-77364
By: Stanley
AED 119.00
AED 131.009% OFF
  • 7 Functions & 20 Ranges, Rated for Category 3 Standards

  • Unit Stand for a Stable Hands Free Use

VTools VT2124 90-1000V Intelligent Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight
  • It Can Distinction Zero Line & Wire Line

  • The Tester Is with High Resistance & Safe Insulation &

Stanley 44-119cm Aluminium Silver Laser Level Tripod, 1-77-201
  • Robust Tilt Pan Head for Wide Versatility

  • Lightweight Aluminium Construction

Stanley 3m Power lock Measuring Tape, STHT33203-8
By: Stanley
AED 24.00
AED 27.0011% OFF
  • Corrosion-Resistant Tru-Zero End Hook for Accurate Measurements

  • Wide, Durable, Chrome Plated Plastic Case

Stanley 30cm Box Level, STHT42796
By: Stanley
AED 28.00
AED 31.009% OFF
Stanley Die Cast Torpedo Level, STHT42465-8
By: Stanley
AED 31.00
AED 35.0011% OFF
Stanley 30m ABS Chalk Line, 0-47-440
By: Stanley
AED 20.00
AED 22.009% OFF
  • Folding Crank Handle Stores Neatly into Case

  • Stainless-Steel Hook & High Impact ABS Case