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Beorol 5mx16mm Steel & PVC Measuring Tape, M5
By: Beorol
AED 18.00
AED 22.0018% OFF
  • Ergonomic Casing Shape Has a Stop Button at the Bottom

Geepas GT59237 5m Steel Measuring Tape
By: Geepas
AED 13.00
AED 15.0013% OFF
  • Rubber Coating makes it Resistant to Abrasion

Aqson 10m Measuring Tape
By: Aqson
AED 19.00
AED 21.009% OFF
  • True-Zero Hook for Accurate Internal & External Measurements

  • Ergonomic Rounded Shape to Fit Well in Your Hand

Wokin 25mm 5m ABS Industrial Measuring Tape with Magnetic Contact
  • Accuracy can Up to Mid Class 2

KDS 7.5m Measuring Tape, 19-75
By: Kds
AED 33.00
AED 37.0010% OFF
Yato 19mm 5m Yellow Rolled Up Measuring Tape, YT-71187
  • Double Side Printing

  • Self-Lock

Yato 25mm 10m White Steel One Sided Printed Measuring Tape, YT-7154
  • Metric Graduation & One Side Printed

Yato 16mm 3m White Steel One Sided Printed Measuring Tape, YT-7150
  • Metric Graduation & One Side Printed

Stanley 5m Measuring Tape
By: Stanley
AED 67.00
AED 74.009% OFF
Yato 1000mm 2 Holder Aluminum Level, YT-3024
By: Yato
AED 52.00
AED 58.0010% OFF
  • Professional Spirit Level with Three Vials

Gazelle 200mm Outside Caliper, G80265
By: Gazelle
AED 25.00
AED 30.0016% OFF
  • Heat Treated Points to Give Accurate Measurement

  • Solid Nut & Washer Permits Fast & Positive Adjustment

Allosun 2mm Digital Mini Car Painting Thickness Tester, EM2271
Wokin 24 inch Aluminium Spirit Level with Magnetic, 506206
  • With Magnetic & 3 Bubbles

Gazelle 200mm Inside Caliper, G80261
By: Gazelle
AED 27.00
AED 32.0015% OFF
  • Spring is Hardened & Tempered

  • Heat Treated Points to Give Accurate Measurement

Stanley 200mm 12 Metric English Professional Square, E-46532
  • Cast Zinc Handle & Metric/Imperial Marking on Ruler

Yato 800mm 2 Vials Magnetic Aluminum Level, YT-30062
  • Shock Proof

  • High Quality Profile

Yato 30m 13mm Steel Survey Tape, YT-71551
By: Yato
AED 69.00
AED 76.009% OFF
  • High Reinforced Blade

Tolsen 150mm Carbon Steel Vernier Caliper, 35048
By: Tolsen
AED 92.00
AED 102.009% OFF
Peak Meter MS5900 Three Phase Motor Rotation Indicator
By: Peak Meter
AED 213.00
AED 235.009% OFF
Yato 800mm 3 Vials Aluminum Level, YT-30072
By: Yato
AED 38.00
AED 42.009% OFF
  • It has Two Precisely Milled Measurement Plane

  • The Spirit Level is Made of a Stable Aluminum Profile

Wokin 12 inch Aluminium Spirit Level with Magnetic
By: Wokin
AED 41.00
AED 46.0010% OFF
  • With 3 Bubbles

Abbasali 0-300Psi Automotive Petrol Gasoline Engine Compression Tester Kit with Case
WI P2/400U-TEL Insulated Telescopic Stick with Sunrise Fitting
  • High Insulating Rod Made of Polyester Resin Reinforced by Fibre

Yato YT-73131 Digital Stud Finder
By: Yato
AED 174.00
AED 192.009% OFF
Geepas GT59116 16 inch Aluminium Spirit Level
By: Geepas
AED 22.00
AED 25.0012% OFF
  • Heavy Duty Frame & 3 Solid Block Acrylic Levels (Horizontal)

Stanley 10m Stainless Steel Measuring Tape, 0-34-102
Generic Stanley Measuring Tape (3M, Stht30686-8)
By: Generic
AED 139.00
AED 153.009% OFF
Beorol 3mx16mm ABS & Rubber Measuring Tape, M3K
By: Beorol
AED 11.00
AED 14.0021% OFF
Yato 20m 15mm Speed Retracting Fiberglass Measuring Tape, YT-71565
  • High Impact Resistant Abs Frame

  • 3 Times Speedy Retractiong

Stanley Tylon 3m 13mm Bi-material Pocket Measuring Tape, STH30686-3
  • 3 -Rivet True -Zero Hook, Reduces Risk of Breakage

  • Class Ii Accuracy

Yato 16mm 2m Yellow Rolled Up Measuring Tape, YT-71185
  • Double Side Printing

  • Self-Lock

Patta 10M Measuring Tape
By: Patta
AED 33.00
AED 41.0019% OFF
KDS 10m Measuring Tape, KL10-10Y
By: Kds
AED 44.00
AED 49.0010% OFF
Stanley 10m Power lock Measuring Tape, STHT33463-8
By: Stanley
AED 81.00
AED 90.0010% OFF
  • Corrosion-Resistant Tru-Zero End Hook for Accurate Measurements

  • Wide, Durable, Chrome Plated Plastic Case

Wokin 25mm 10m ABS Industrial Measuring Tape with Magnetic Contact
  • Accuracy can Up to Mid Class 2

Beorol 40mx6m Plastic Measuring Tape, MM40 (Pack of 40)
Beorol 30m Fiberglass Red Measuring Tape, MT30
By: Beorol
AED 38.00
AED 46.0017% OFF
Stanley Tylon 5m Stainless Steel Measuring Tape, 2724309793385
  • Tylon Coated Blade Provides Anti-Glare Readings

  • Soft Touch Case

Beorol 2mx16mm PVC & Rubber Measuring Tape, M2A
By: Beorol
AED 15.00
AED 19.0021% OFF
  • Ergonomic Casing Shape Has a Stop Button at the Bottom

Uni-T 40m Digital Laser Measuring Tape, LM40T
By: Uni-t
AED 143.00
AED 158.009% OFF
  • 2-In-1 Laser Tape

  • Measure Distance Meter Rangefinder Retractable

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