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Telwin T200 12V 1000Ah Battery Tester, 802517
By: Telwin
AED 215.00
AED 237.009% OFF
Uni-T 10 Megaohm Digital Clamp Meters, UT203
By: Uni-t
AED 126.00
AED 139.009% OFF
  • Low Battery Indication

  • Auto Ranging Function

Yato YT-73086 Phase Sequence Digital Multimeter
By: Yato
AED 255.00
AED 281.009% OFF
  • Data Hold Function: Auto Power Off

  • Continuity: Diode Check

Yato 21 bar Rubber & Threaded Adapter Compressor Tester, YT-7302
  • Flexible Hose for Easy Access & Quick Connect Coupler

Hioki 6.000 to 1000V Digital MultiMeter, DT4254
By: Hioki
AED 567.00
AED 624.009% OFF
UNI-T UT216C 600A True RMS Digital Clamp Meter
By: Uni-t
AED 296.00
AED 326.009% OFF
Gazelle 600V TRUE RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter, G9103
  • Safe, Accurate, Multi-Function & Value for Money

  • Thermocouple Probe for Temperature Measurement

Uni-T Ut18D Multifunction Voltage Testers
By: Uni-t
AED 133.00
AED 147.009% OFF
Hioki Digital Insulation Tester-1000V/ 2000M Ohm
By: Hioki
AED 844.00
AED 929.009% OFF
Fluke Palm Sized Digital Multi Meter
By: Fluke
AED 573.00
AED 631.009% OFF
Hioki Power Quality Analyzer, PQ3198-94
By: Hioki
AED 29,150.00
AED 32,065.009% OFF
  • Hioki Portable Power Meters and Analyzers are Best In Class...

  • The New and Improved Pq3198 is a Power Quality Analyzer

Schneider 230V CI Modular Impulse Counter, 15443
By: Schneider
AED 221.00
AED 244.009% OFF
Schneider 0-2000A Analog Ammeter Scale, 16045
By: Schneider
AED 19.00
AED 21.009% OFF
Fluke 289/EUR TRMS Industrial Logging Multimeter with Trendcapture
Uni-T 400A 600V Digital Clamp Meter, UT201+
By: Uni-t
AED 89.00
AED 98.009% OFF
  • Backlight On/Off Switchable for Display Data Clearly

  • Measure Current Without Touching or Interrupting the Circuit

Hioki 6.000 to 600.0V Digital MultiMeter, DT4224
By: Hioki
AED 509.00
AED 560.009% OFF
Hioki Analog Hitester Multim- 3030-10
By: Hioki
AED 364.00
AED 401.009% OFF
Uni-T Ut120B Pocket Type Multims
By: Uni-t
AED 129.00
AED 142.009% OFF
Uni-T Ut33B Auto Range Handheld Palm-Size Lcd Digital Multim Ac Dc Ohm Volt Tester m
Fluke Digital Multi Meter, 116
By: Fluke
AED 869.00
AED 956.009% OFF
Uni-T Ut522, Earth Ground Tester
By: Uni-t
AED 1,177.00
AED 1,295.009% OFF
Fluke 115 Digital Multimeters
By: Fluke
AED 953.00
AED 1,049.009% OFF
Gazelle G9102 Digital Multim For 1000V Industrial Application
Hioki 4.199 to 600V Pocket Digital MultiMeter, 3246-60
  • The Pencil-Style Digital Multimeter for General Electrical Maintenance and Testing,...

Uni-T Ut203 Digital Clamp ms
By: Uni-t
AED 127.00
AED 140.009% OFF
Schneider 600/5A Ammeter Dial Power Logic, 16083
By: Schneider
AED 19.00
AED 21.009% OFF
Schneider 0-100A Analog Ammeter Scale, 16034
By: Schneider
AED 15.00
AED 17.0011% OFF
Gazelle 1000V Non Contact AC Voltage Detector, G9301-II
  • Auto Power Indication- Around 3 min

  • Loud Audible Sound Alarm for Live Cable Detection

Fluke 28II/EUR TRMS Rugged IP67 Digital Multimeter
By: Fluke
AED 2,634.00
AED 2,898.009% OFF
  • Designed to withst& 3 Meter Drop

  • P 67 Waterproof & Dustproof Protection

Schneider 0-800A Analog Ammeter Scale, 16042
By: Schneider
AED 17.00
AED 19.0010% OFF
Schneider 0-250A Analog Ammeter Scale, 16037
By: Schneider
AED 15.00
AED 17.0011% OFF
Schneider 0-300A Analog Ammeter Scale, 16038
By: Schneider
AED 17.00
AED 19.0010% OFF
Laserliner Voltage & Continuity Tester
By: Laserliner
AED 441.00
AED 486.009% OFF
Gazelle 600V 10A Palm Digital Multimeter, G9101
By: Gazelle
AED 86.00
AED 109.0021% OFF
  • Big LCD Display with Bright White Backlight for Clear View

  • CAT II 600 V Safety Rating & with Rubber Holster

Schneider 0-100A Analog Ammeter Scale, 16010
By: Schneider
AED 19.00
AED 21.009% OFF
Schneider 0-1000A Analog Ammeter Scale, 16014
By: Schneider
AED 18.00
AED 20.0010% OFF
Uni-T Modern Inductance LCR Capacitance Meter Tester with FE Test, UT603
Fluke 77-4/EUR Digital Multimeter
By: Fluke
AED 1,620.00
AED 1,782.009% OFF
Gazelle 400A 600V AC/DC TRUE RMS Digital Clamp Meter, G9202
  • Multi Function Capable for Resistance, Diode, Continuity, Frequency Measurements

  • TRMS Measurement AC-DC Voltage & AC Current Measurement

Terminator 750 VAC Digital Clamp Meter, TCM266
By: Terminator
AED 87.00
AED 96.009% OFF
  • Ohms, Overload protection & Insulation Test Function

  • With option 500V insulation Tester Unit

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