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Gazelle 10ft Measuring Tape with Rubber Cover, G80106
By: Gazelle
AED 15.00
AED 18.0016% OFF
  • Bi-Material Tape Measure

  • Ergonomically Designed Case

MEG 50m Open Reel Fiberglass Measuring Tape
By: Meg
AED 39.00
AED 43.009% OFF
Wokin 50m 15mm Fiberglass Measuring Tape, 500650
By: Wokin
AED 51.00
AED 57.0010% OFF
KDS 3.5m Steel Gray Measuring Tape, KS16-35Y-ME
By: Kds
AED 17.00
AED 19.0010% OFF
Geepas GT59013 30m ABS Measuring Tape
By: Geepas
AED 48.00
AED 53.009% OFF
  • Strong & Long Lasting

  • Metric & inch Graduation

Beorol 3mx16mm PVC & Rubber Red & Black Measuring Tape, M3E
Uken 5m Yellow Measuring Tape
By: Uken
AED 25.00
AED 28.0010% OFF
Stanley Stht34107-8 30m Yellow Stainless Steel Long Tape
Beorol 2mx16mm Steel & PVC Measuring Tape, M2
By: Beorol
AED 12.00
AED 15.0020% OFF
  • Ergonomic Casing Shape Has a Stop Button at the Bottom

Uken 15m 13mm Fiber Close Measuring Tape
By: Uken
AED 34.00
AED 38.0010% OFF
  • Rewind Handle for Fast Retraction

  • Reinforced Pull Ring

Stanley Tylon 3m 15mm Short Measuring Tape, STHT36193
By: Stanley
AED 17.00
AED 32.0046% OFF
  • Soft Touch Case for Comfortable Grip

  • True-Zero Hook for Accurate Internal & External Measurements

Stanley 3m Tylon Measuring Tape, 30-686
By: Stanley
AED 17.00
AED 26.0034% OFF
  • Made from Superior Grade Material

  • Sturdy Construction & Durability

Hioki Digital Multimeter, DT4252
By: Hioki
AED 540.00
AED 594.009% OFF
  • Digital Multimeter Designed Specifically for General Purpose Testing, with �0.3%...

Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter
By: Fluke
AED 2,148.00
AED 2,578.0016% OFF
  • offers Enhanced Pythagoras Calculation for Determining Distance indirectly from Three

  • Quickly Calculates Area & Volume

Bosch GLM-120-C 120m Professional Laser Measure
By: Bosch
AED 1,008.00
AED 1,109.009% OFF
  • Digital Viewfinder With Zoom Function Allows for Precision Over Large

  • High Contrast Ips Colour Display Provides Optimal Readability

Abbasali 25 Bar 2.5 inch Heavy Duty Pressure Gauge
By: Abbasali
AED 28.00
AED 31.009% OFF
Stanley Die Cast Torpedo Level, STHT42465-8
By: Stanley
AED 57.00
AED 63.009% OFF
Honeywell 24V Pro 1000 Thermostat
By: Honeywell
AED 202.00
AED 223.009% OFF
Bosch GLM-20 65ft Professional Laser Measure
By: Bosch
AED 160.00
AED 176.009% OFF
  • Simple & Compact

  • Intuitive & Simple Measuring

Gazelle 40m Crossline Green Level Laser, G9506
By: Gazelle
AED 903.00
AED 1,193.0024% OFF
  • Outdoor Pulse Mode

  • Self-Levelling Mode & Manual Mode

Gazelle G9408 Mini Light Exposure Meter
By: Gazelle
AED 225.00
AED 248.009% OFF
Abbasali 0-100 PSI LCD Digital Tyre Air Pressure Gauge Tester
Schneider Spacelogic 1W White Fan Coil Digital Thermostat, TC903-3A2L
Smart Sensor 100m Laser Distance Meter, AR-100
By: Smart Sensor
AED 437.00
AED 481.009% OFF
Uni-T Ut300S Handheld Non Contact Infrared Thermom Industrial Electronic Temperature Tester With Alarm
Stanley Fatmax 5 Beam Self-levelling with Plumb & Horizontal, 1-77-319
Bosch Professional Laser Measure Glm 50 C (Data Transfer Via Bluetooth, 360� Inclination Sensor, Range: 0.05 50 M, 2x1.5 V Batteries, Protective Bag)
Stanley 8 inch Graded Solid Try Square, E-46532
By: Stanley
AED 41.00
AED 46.0010% OFF
Stanley Power lock 5m Measuring Tape, STHT33158
By: Stanley
AED 52.00
AED 58.0010% OFF
Eagle 10kg Stainless Steel Test Calibration Weights, TEST WGHT 10KG
  • Comes in Aluminium Alloy Box

  • Susceptibility: < 0.0005

Beorol 120cm Aluminium Professional Plumb, LP120
By: Beorol
AED 131.00
AED 156.0016% OFF
  • The Outer Surface is Curved with Ergonomic Design & High

  • Handles & Blocks Protect the Spirit Level From Mechanical Damaging

Eagle 2kg Stainless Steel Test Calibration Weights, TEST WGHT 1MG-2KG
  • Susceptibility: < 0.0005

  • Magnetization: F1< 25 u T; F2< 80 u T

Eagle 250kg Cast Iron Test Calibration Weights, BLOCK WEIGHT-250KG
  • Casting is free of Cracks, Blow Holes & Breakable Edges

  • Own Adjustment Cavity at Bottom of Weight

Bosch Professional 165cm Heavy Duty Building Tripod For Bosch Lasers And Levels (Bt170Hd)
Tactix Chalk Line 2 PCS Set-Ttx-258051
By: Tactix
AED 39.00
AED 43.009% OFF
Bosch Professional 601072570 Laser Measure Glm 30 (Single-Button Use, Imperial System, Measuring Range: 0.49-98 Ft, 2x1.5 V Batteries, Protective Bag), Blue, 20.0 mmx100.0 mmx40.0 mm
Geepas GT59066 36 inch Aluminium Magnetic Spirit Level
  • Shock Absorbing Ends

  • Heavy Duty Frame & 3 Solid Block Acrylic Levels (Horizontal)

Stanley 8.7cm Mini Magnetic Pocket Level, 0-42-130
By: Stanley
AED 32.00
AED 36.0011% OFF
  • Pocket Size for Easy Storage

  • Strong Molded Plastic Casing for Durability

Stanley Fatmax FCL-R Red Beam Cross Line Laser, FMHT77585-1
  • Radius Width: Draw a Cross with a Width of 150

  • Magnetic Base & 1/4 & 5/8 Connections

Clarke Clrsbc 3 PCS Blue Chalk And Reel Set 15 ms
By: Clarke
AED 28.00
AED 31.009% OFF