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Groz ID/4 100mm Inside Caliper with Solid Nut, 01401
KS Tools 0-300mm Stainless Steel Brake Drum Caliper, 300.0525
  • Locking Screw & Fine Adjustment

  • Internal Measure has Direct Reading & Entirely Hardened, Finely Engineered

Tolsen 40Pcs 6 inch Stainless Steel Silver Digital Caliper, 35053
  • Digital Screen Makes Measuring Metal, Beads & Stones Super Easy

  • In Addition It Includes a Great LCD 4-Way Measurement with

KS Tools 0-150mm IP 67 Stainless Steel Digital Vernier Caliper, 300.0531
  • mm/Imperial Switching & Thread Table

  • Locking Screw & Scale Division in Blue

KS Tools 0-300mm Stainless Steel Depth Vernier Caliper with Feeler Pin, 300.0554
  • Entirely Hardened, Finely Engineered & Vernier Scale Two Sided Accurate

  • Locking Screw & Scale Division in Black

Testo 915i Thermometer with Surface Probe
By: Testo
Available on Request
  • Robust & Fast-Reaction Probes for Quick Measurements

  • Fast Identification of Temperature Change By Graph Curve

Taylor Pro 10cm Stainless Steel Silver Fridge Thermometer
  • Quick, Clear Reults : Temperature Gauge Displays Temperatures in Degree...

  • Easy to Use : Features A Handy Stand & Hook,...

Testo 865 160x120 Pixels Thermal Imaging Camera
  • 120 mK Thermal Sensitivity

  • Hot Spot & Cold Spot Recognition

Testo 610 Compact Humidity Temperature Meter
  • Capacitive Humidity Sensor with Long-Term Stability

  • Easy Temperature & Humidity Measurement

Testo 810 Compact Infrared Thermometer
By: Testo
Available on Request
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Temperature & Air Temperature

  • Adjustable Emission Level

Honeywell 220V Blue Vertical Thermostat, T6861
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
AED 210.00
Honeywell LCD Digital Thermostat, T6861V2WG-M
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
  • Time on/off Function, Easy to Install & Set-up

  • Cycle per Hour (CPH) Function

Eclipse 5m Measure Tape, E30435M
By: Eclipse
Available on Request
  • Auto Lock System

  • Magnetic Hook & Pause Button

Fisco FRG 30 30m Black & Yellow Measuring Tape
  • Fibreflex Glass-Fibre Tape with Protective Coating

  • Twin Mouth Rollers for Smooth Rewind & Low Friction

Fisco Video Flex 3m Measuring Tape, FVF 3
By: Fisco
Available on Request
  • Window in Top of the Case to Display Measurements

  • Push to Release Blade Lock Automatic Blade Return

King Tony 5m ABS & TPE Measuring Tape, 79093-05M1
  • Specially Red Marked Each 10 cm Scale

  • Auto-Lock Measuring Tape

Tolsen 60 cm Magnetic Spirit Level, 35243
By: Tolsen
Available on Request
  • Shockproof End Caps & Heavy Duty Aluminium Frame

  • Larger Solid Acrylic Vial & with 2 Pcs Strong Magnets

Mitutoyo 532-121 Vernier Caliper with Fine Adjustment, Range: 0-280mm
  • Fine-Adjustment Aids Slider Positioning

  • Allows Step Measurement

Mitutoyo 526-166-11 Bore Gage with Dial Face 2923SB-10, Range: 0.059-0.156 inch
  • The Radial Displacement of Split-Ball Contact is Converted to Axial...

  • These Bore Gages Measure Diameters of Small Holes

Mitutoyo 0-200mm Metric Absolute Digimatic Caliper with Nib Style & Standard Jaws, 551-301-20
  • Fine Adjustment for More Accurate Measurement

  • Long Jaws for Measuring Hard-to-Reach Features

Mitutoyo 0-6 inch Dial Depth Gage with Fine Adjustment, 527-311-50
  • Base & Measuring Faces are Hardened & Micro-Lapped

  • Easier & Faster Reading of Dial

Mitutoyo 0-150mm Metric Hook & Type Vernier Depth Gage, 527-401
  • The End of The Main Scale is Hook Shaped to

  • Fine Adjustment Models are Available

KS Tools 20mm Steel Trapezoid Steel Thread Gauge, 300.0622
  • Cleanly Milled

Mitutoyo 0-25.4 mm Friction Thimble MDC-Lite Digimatic Micrometer, 293-832-30
  • Measurement Readout with Large Characters on the LCD

  • Friction on Thimble for a Constant Measuring force

Stanley 78 inch Yellow & Black Classic Box Level, STHT43109-8
Mitutoyo 0-150mm Inch/Metric Dual Scale Vernier Caliper with Thumb Clamp, 531-128
  • Can Measure Od, Id, Depth & Steps

  • Supplied with Vinyl Holster in Fitted Carton

Mitutoyo 0-150mm Metric Absolute Digimatic Caliper, 500-155-30
  • Thumb Roller included only on Caliper Up to & including

  • Carbide-Tipped Jaw-Type Caliper are Also

Mitutoyo 75-100 mm Carbide Tip Point Digital Micrometer, 342-264-30
  • Supplied in Fitted Plastic Case & with SPC Output (Series

  • Pointed Spindle & Anvil for Measuring the Web Thickness of

Tolsen 50 cm Bridge Spirit Level, 35062
By: Tolsen
Available on Request
  • Aluminium Frame & with 2 Bubbles, Horizontal & Vertical Respectively

Mitutoyo 700-800 mm Metric Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometer, 104-146A
  • Supplied in Fitted Wooden Case

  • Supplied with Zero-Setting Standards Bar for Each Range

Mitutoyo 76.2-101.6 mm Ratchet Stop Coolant Proof Micrometer, 293-333-30
  • Auto Power on & off Function

  • Measurement Data Output Function on is Available with a Water-Resistant

Mitutoyo Standard Holder 3-Wire Thread Measuring System, 64AAA207
  • Fast & Accurate Method of Thread Measuring Available for use

Mitutoyo 0-300mm Metric Absolute Digimatic Height Gage with Linear Encoder, 570-302
  • Built-in Absolute Linear Encoder This Encoder Eliminates The Necessity

  • Rigid Column Structure Ensures High Measuring Accuracy

Mitutoyo 0-200mm Metric Absolute Digimatic Caliper, 500-156-30
  • Large & Clear LCD Readout

  • Thumb Roller included only on Caliper Up to & including

Mitutoyo 526-170-10 Bore Gage without Dial, Range: 0.95-1.55 mm
  • These Bore Gages Measure Diameters of Small Holes

  • The Radial Displacement of Split-Ball Contact is Converted to Axial...

KS Tools 2-15m Nm Precision Torque Testing Instrument with Dial Indicator, 516.3315
  • Large Vision Panel for Precise Adjustment

  • Display Torque Testing Instrument with Drag Indicator

Mitutoyo 0-300mm Metric Vernier Depth Gage, 527-103
  • Optional Wider Extension Base are Available

  • Base, Measuring Faces are Hardened & Micro-Lapped

Mitutoyo 0-25 mm High Accuracy Sub Micron Digimatic Micrometer, 293-100-10
  • A Highly Rigid Frame & High-Performance Constant-Force Mechanism

  • Preset (ABS Measurement System), Zero-Setting (Inc Measurement System) Hold, Resolution...

Mitutoyo 50-75 mm QuantuMike Coolant-Proof Micrometer, 293-147-30
  • Faster Measurement with 2 mm Per Revolution on in stead

  • Certificate of in Inspection Provided

Mitutoyo 950mm Micrometer Standards, 167-138
By: Mitutoyo
Available on Request
  • Zero Point Setting of Outside Micrometers

  • Flat & Lapped Measuring Faces