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Rapid Glue Gun, BGX300, 30W
By: Rapid
AED 627.00
AED 690.009% OFF
FIS Glue Gun, FSGN-80W, 80W, Blue
By: Fis
AED 73.00
AED 81.009% OFF
Generic 9 inch Silicone Orange Glue Gun with Zinc Alloy Handle
Weicon 400ml Anti-Friction Spray MoS2, 11539400
By: Weicon
AED 112.00
AED 124.009% OFF
  • Dry Lubricant Plain Bearing Motors & as a Coating on

Weicon 400ml Rust Shock Chemical Wrench, 11151400
By: Weicon
AED 62.00
AED 69.0010% OFF
Devcon 500g Wet Surface Underwater Epoxy Putty (UW), 11801
Devcon 500g Gray Stainless Steel Putty (ST), 10271
By: Devcon
AED 202.00
AED 223.009% OFF
  • Stainless Steel-Filled Epoxy Putty For Patching, Repairing and Rebuilding Stainless

Weicon Processing Short Spatula, 10953001
By: Weicon
AED 24.00
AED 27.0011% OFF
  • Flat Blade for Applying, Removing or Mixing Substances

  • Processing of 2-Component Adhesives, the Application of Epoxy Filler as

Weicon Plus 90 200g Epoxy Casting Resin with Hardener Crystal Clear, 10523002
  • Fill the Homogeneous Mass in to a Clean Container &

Weicon AT-44 1L Allround Lubricant, 15250001
By: Weicon
AED 170.00
AED 187.009% OFF
  • High-Performance Lubricating Oil with PTFE Super Power

Weicon Flex 310 Polyurethane Adhesive, 13300310, 300ml, White
Devcon 500g Aluminum-Filled Epoxy Putty (F), 10611
By: Devcon
AED 202.00
AED 223.009% OFF
  • Aluminum-Filled Epoxy Putty For Dependable Non-Rusting Repairs To Aluminum Castings,

Weicon 5Kg Liquid Active Rust Converter, 15152005
By: Weicon
AED 772.00
AED 850.009% OFF
  • Clean & Free of Dust

Weicon 250g Black Colour Paste, 10519250
By: Weicon
AED 354.00
AED 390.009% OFF
Weicon AN 305-42 50ml Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sealing
Weicon 290ml Flex 310 M Stainless Steel Adhesive & Sealant
J-B Weld KwikWeld 10 Oz Professional Steel Reinforced Epoxy, 8271 (Pack of 2)
  • Do it Yourself: Big or Small, You can DIY it...

  • Surface Applications: Metal, Plastic & PVC, Wood, Concrete, Ceramic &

Weicon 1L Metal-Fluid, 15580001
By: Weicon
AED 151.00
AED 167.009% OFF
  • Spread Evenly & Then Polish with a Dry Cloth &

  • Universal Care & Cleaning Agent

Weicon Easy-Mix Mixing Nozzles, 10650005
By: Weicon
AED 15.00
AED 17.0011% OFF
  • Easy-Mix PE-PP Weicon Fine Dosing Tip Size 0 Type S

Weicon 5L Label Remover, 15206005
By: Weicon
AED 287.00
AED 316.009% OFF
Weicon 30g Copper Paste, 26200003
By: Weicon
AED 33.00
AED 37.0010% OFF
  • Protection, Release Agent & Lubricant At High Temperatures, Plug-In &

Weicon 24ml Aluminium Minute Fast-Curing Epoxy Adhesive with Mixing Nozzle, 10552025
Elephant Glue Stick, 22GM
By: Elephant
AED 23.00
AED 26.0011% OFF
Henkel Tangit All Pressure Upvc Glue 500G
By: Henkel
AED 43.00
AED 48.0010% OFF
Weicon AN 305-72 50ml Pipe & Flange Sealing, 30572150
By: Weicon
AED 50.00
AED 101.0050% OFF
Pattex Construction Adhesive Pl 150 (Yellowish)-380G
By: Generic
AED 33.00
AED 37.0010% OFF
Clover Adjustable Ring Thimble
By: Clover
AED 40.00
AED 44.009% OFF
Langlow 500ml Wall Paper Stripper Or Remover
By: Langlow
AED 37.00
AED 41.009% OFF
Weicon 1kg Anti-Seize High-Tech Assembly Paste, 26100100
  • Protection Against Corrosion, Metal-Free

Weicon A-400 400ml Aluminium Spray, 11051400
By: Weicon
AED 69.00
AED 76.009% OFF
  • Brilliant Metal Rust & Corrosion Protection

Araldite 5-Minute Ab Epoxy Adhesive
By: Araldite
AED 27.00
AED 30.0010% OFF
HPX 20mm Zip Fix Hooks, VDLHPXZF2005H
By: Hpx
AED 64.00
AED 71.009% OFF
  • Suitable Hooks for Indoor & Outdoor

  • It is Self-Adhesive & Reusable

Weicon VA100 20g Contact Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
By: Weicon
AED 32.00
AED 36.0011% OFF
Weicon 500ml S Cleaner Spray
By: Weicon
AED 45.00
AED 50.0010% OFF
Weicon 400ml Top-Lube-Fluid, 11512400
By: Weicon
AED 73.00
AED 81.009% OFF
  • Special Adhesive Lubricant

Weicon 10cmx3.6m Pipe Repair Kit 10/35, 10710003
By: Weicon
AED 164.00
AED 181.009% OFF
  • Rubber or Fibreglass

Weicon 400ml High-Grade & Effective Metal Copper Spray, 11101400
Weicon 250ml Mould Release Agent Liquid F 1000, 10604025
Weicon 50g G Primer Set, 10809050
By: Weicon
AED 283.00
AED 312.009% OFF
  • Adhesion Promoter as Pre-Treatment

Devcon TI 500g Gray Titanium Putty, 10761
By: Devcon
AED 129.00
AED 142.009% OFF
  • Restoring Bearing Housings

  • Refitting Keyways

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