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Apac Reinforced Aluminium Tape, 48 mmx25 Yards, Silver, 12 Rolls/Pack
Gem Cloth Tape, GM-CT302580-GN, 25 m, Green
By: Gem
AED 58.00
AED 64.009% OFF
Abbasali 18x50m Double-Sided Sticky Traceless Acrylic Transparent Adhesive Tape
Singer Safety Pins, Size: 0-2 (Pack of 250)
By: Singer
AED 71.00
AED 79.0010% OFF
3M Scotch Blue 0.94 inch Painter's Tape, 2090-24EC, Length: 60 Yard
  • Medium Adhesive

  • 14 day Clean Removal Leaves Behind No Damage or Sticky

Beorol 25mmx5m Black Adhesive Anti-skid Tape, GT5B
By: Beorol
AED 34.00
AED 41.0017% OFF
HPX 12mm Blue Fine Line Tape, FL1233
By: Hpx
AED 46.00
AED 51.009% OFF
  • Very Thin, Blue Vinyl Tape for Critical Applications, such as

  • Does not Leave any Residues

Generic 100yard Transparent Packing Tape
By: Generic
AED 21.00
AED 24.0012% OFF
Scotch White Indoor Mounting Square, 111-24 (Pack of 24)
  • Nurses in Binding your Essentials in a Neat & Organised

  • Fosters Superior Craftsmanship that Hinders Waning off Over Time

Tesa Cloth Tape, 4688, 50 mmx50 m, Blue
By: Tesa
AED 82.00
AED 91.009% OFF
Hpx Aqua Grip Tape, AG2024, 240 mm, Transparent, PK8
Apac Water Based BOPP Tape, 40 Micron, 48 mmx50 Yards, Clear, 12 Rolls/Pack
Psi Bopp Tape, JAW100, 2  inchx45 Yards, Black, 6 Rolls/Pack
Beorol Adhesive Foam Tape, GT1012, 10 m
By: Beorol
AED 13.00
AED 15.0013% OFF
PVC Black Insulation Tape, Length: 19 mm (Pack of 10)
Single Sided Foam Tape, 6 mm, 24 mmx7.5 m, Black
By: Generic
AED 15.00
AED 17.0011% OFF
Cloth Tape, 48 mmx25 m, Polyethylene, Black
By: Generic
AED 32.00
AED 36.0011% OFF
Flex Tape 4 inchx5ft Strong Rubberized Waterproof Seal Tape
Beorol 50mx50mm BOPP Transparent Packaging Tape, S50-50
Kraft Paper Tape, 72 mmx20 m, Brown, 16 Pcs/Pack
By: Generic
AED 119.00
AED 131.009% OFF
Apac Aluminium Glass Tape, 48 mmx20 Yards, Silver, 12 Rolls/Pack
Anti-Slip Tape, PVC, 48 mmx5 m, Green
By: Generic
AED 20.00
AED 22.009% OFF
Apac Binding Tape, 48 mmx50 Yards, Black, 24 Rolls/Pack
Gem Cloth Tape, GM-CT202580-YW, 25 m, Yellow
By: Gem
AED 42.00
AED 47.0010% OFF
3M Anti Slip Tape, Black, 2  inch, 60Feet
By: 3m
AED 219.00
AED 241.009% OFF
Beorol 25mmx5m White Adhesive Anti-skid Tape, GT5W
By: Beorol
AED 34.00
AED 41.0017% OFF
Spring 5g Hot Pink & Red Shapes Sequins
By: Generic
AED 20.00
AED 22.009% OFF
Velcro 3/4x24 inch White Sticky Back for Fabrics Tape
Aqson 2 inchx100 Yards Clear Packaging Tapes (Pack of 12)
  • Designed to Perfection

Beorol 10mx19mm Black Insulation Tape, IT19
By: Beorol
AED 7.00
AED 9.0022% OFF
Abbasali Stretch Film Wrapping Roll with 2Pcs Clear Tape, 1Pc Masking Tape & 6mm Cotton Rope
Gem Cloth Tape, GM-CT202580-BEN, 25 m, Navy Blue
Anti-Slip Tape, PVC, 24 mmx5 m, Green
By: Generic
AED 36.00
AED 40.0010% OFF
Al Jawshan Bopp Tape, JAW049, 2  inchx80 Yards, Brown, 36 Rolls/Carton
Tesa Floor Marking Tape, 4169, Professional, 50 mmx30 m, Black
Vini Electrical Insulation Tape, 119920, 10 m, Yellow, PK10
Como Self-Adhesive Glow in the Dark Tape, 9.41 mx1  inch
Abbasali Heavy Duty Transparent Packaging Tapes (Rollof 36)
3M 146480AC 720x2 inch Black Safety Walk Slip Resistant Tape
  • Mineral-Coated, High Friction Slip-Resistant Surface

  • Highly Durable Surface Withstands the Rigors of Equipment Traffic

Apac Binding Tape, 48 mmx20 Yards, Red, 12 Rolls/Pack

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