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Osram 8.5W 6500K E27 Cool Daylight LED Screw Bulb, 85W865E27PACK5 (Pack of 5)
Osram 8.5W 6500K A60 LED Bulb (Pack of 10)
By: Osram
AED 105.00
AED 116.009% OFF
  • No Blue Light Hazard

  • UV & Flicker Free

Osram 26W 2-Pin Daylight Double Twin Tube CFL Bulb (Pack of 3)
  • Energy Saving Bulb

  • Home Decorative High Quality & Durable

Osram Dulux-D 18W 4000K 1200lm Durable Fluorescent Lamp (Pack of 4)
  • Extremely Economical Good Quality of Light Excellent Luminous Flux Long

  • These Lamps are Used Mainly in Single or Multi Lamp...

Osram 3 Pcs 20W 220V E27 White Fluorescent Bulb Set, OSR3-02504
Geepas GESL55020 50W 6500K Energy Saving LED Blub
By: Geepas
AED 39.00
AED 43.009% OFF
  • Made with 70 Pcs SMD LED

Osram 18W 4000K 1200lm Fluorescent Bulb, DULUX L LUMILUX
  • For Use with Electronic Ballasts or Conventional Ballasts with an

  • Use for down Lighting, Surface & Recessed Lighting, Residential Lighting

Vosla 60W 12V P20D Miniature Halogen Bulb, V-28005
By: Vosla
AED 34.00
AED 38.0010% OFF
Vosla 12V Miniature Halogen Bulb, V-28350
By: Vosla
AED 34.00
AED 38.0010% OFF
Vosla 55W 12V Miniature Halogen Bulb, V-28321
By: Vosla
AED 34.00
AED 38.0010% OFF
Osram 13W 4 Pin Cool White Fluorescent Bulb, Dulux-D/E 13W/840
  • Dimmable from 100% to 3%

Osram 87mm Blue Decostar Halogen Spot Light, Osram-7225
  • Ergonomically Designed to Ensure Convenient Portability

  • Serves as an ideal Accessory for your Home Ensemble

Geepas GESL55070 15W 6500K Energy Saving Led Bulb
By: Geepas
AED 13.00
AED 15.0013% OFF
Abbasali LED Bulb With Switch And Wire Set
By: Abbasali
AED 72.00
AED 80.0010% OFF
Osram Dulux-D 13W 4000K 900lm Fluorescent Lamp
By: Osram
AED 12.00
AED 14.0014% OFF
  • Unparalleled Performance

  • Lamp Holder G24D

Osram Dulux 20W 1300lm 865 Mini Twist Fluorescent Bulb
  • Good Light Quality

  • Mood Lighting & Entrance Lighting

Vosla 55W 12V Miniature Halogen Bulb, V-28320
By: Vosla
AED 34.00
AED 38.0010% OFF
Osram ECO 400W Warm White Halogen Bulb,, 64702
By: Osram
AED 21.00
AED 24.0012% OFF
  • Linear Eco Halogen Pro Bulb by Osram with 114.2mm R7S

  • Lower Thermal Output (Compared with the Standard Reference Product)

Osram 50W 12V Circular Halogen Bulb (Pack of 20)
By: Osram
AED 53.00
AED 59.0010% OFF
  • General Illumination Entrance Lighting Workplace Lighting Kitchen Lighting Mirror Lighting

  • General Illumination, can be Used in Entrance Lighting, Workplace Lighting,

Osram Dulux-D 26W Warm White Fluorescent Bulb
By: Osram
AED 14.00
AED 16.0012% OFF
360 deg Detection Pir Infrared Motion Sensor E27 Led Light Lamp Base Holder Bulb Socket Day & Night 2 Modes
Osram Yellow Circular Halogen Bulb
By: Osram
AED 26.00
AED 29.0010% OFF
Osram Halo Star 50W 12V 910lm G4 Dimmable Halogen Capsule Lamp
Vosla 90W 12V P43T1 Miniature Halogen Bulb, V-28901
Jalux 8W 6500K Cool White Filament Bulb, A60-8W-WH
By: Jalux
AED 1,239.00
AED 100,000.0098% OFF
Osram 50W MR16 Yellow Circular Dimmable Halogen Bulb (Pack of 4)
Osram Dulux-D/E 26W 4 Pin Warm White CFL Bulb
By: Osram
AED 59.00
AED 65.009% OFF
  • Easy to Maintain

  • Comes in a Good Packaging

Osram 13W 4 Pin Warm White CFL Bulb (Pack of 3)
By: Osram
AED 22.00
AED 25.0012% OFF
Osram 13W G24D-1 2 Pin Cool White Double Twin Tube CFL Bulb (Pack of 4)
Osram 24W 2G11 White CFL Bulb, DULUX L 24 W/827
By: Osram
AED 17.00
AED 19.0010% OFF
  • Operation with Standard Starters

  • Short & Compact Pin-Base Lamps with Double-Turn Tubes

Osram Duluxstar 15W Warm White Mini Twist CFL Bulb
By: Osram
AED 11.00
AED 13.0015% OFF
Osram Lumilux 42W Warm White Fluorescent Bulb, DULUX T/E 42W/830 PLUS
  • Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lamps with Separate Power Supply

  • These Lamps Must be Used with a Ferromagnetic Ballast &

Osram 15W T3 Warm White CFL Bulb, 4008321875082
By: Osram
AED 11.00
AED 13.0015% OFF
  • Stick Shape

  • Energy, Saving Lamp Saves Up to 80 Percent Energy

Osram Duluxstar 15W Cool Daylight Mini CFL Bulb (Pack of 20)
  • Fast Return on Investment

  • Up to 80 % Less Energy Consumption Compared with Ordinary

Osram 26W 2 Pin Cool Daylight Double Twin Tube CFL Bulb (Pack of 4)
Osram DULUX-D/E 13W 900lm Cool White Quicktronic ECG CFL Bulb, OES-DE13W/C/W
  • Short & Compact Pin-Base Lamp with Double-Turn Tubes Single-Ended Four-Pin

  • Extremely Economical. Good Quality of Light. Excellent Luminous Flux. Long

Osram Duluxstar 23W 1600lm Warm White Mini Twist CFL Bulb (Pack of 5)
  • Energy Saving Lamp

  • Cfl Mini Twist Features Compact Dimensions That Makes is an

Osram 18W 6500K Cool Daylight 2 Pin Rectangle Fluorescent CFL Bulb (Pack of 3)
Osram Dulux Superstar 8W E14 Cool Daylight Mini Fluorescent CFL Bulb (Pack of 20)
  • Good Light Quality

Osram Dulux-D/E 26W Cool Daylight CFL Lamp, INN-LDD26W840
  • Dimmable (3-100%)

  • Short & Compact Pin-Base Lamp with Double-Turn Tubes

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