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Neutral Packing Battery Tester
By: Neutral Packing
AED 123.00
AED 136.009% OFF
Stanley 30m Multicolor Chalk Line, 0-47-100
By: Stanley
AED 41.00
AED 46.0010% OFF
Stanley 300mm 3 Vials Classic Box Level, STHT1-43118
Eagle 500g Stainless Steel Test Calibration Weights, TEST WGHT 1MG-500G
  • Comes in Aluminium Alloy Box

  • Susceptibility: < 0.0005

Stanley Stht43511-8 Hi Impact Torpedo Level
By: Stanley
AED 67.00
AED 74.009% OFF
12 inch Plastic Micrometer Measuring Ruler
By: Generic
AED 155.00
AED 171.009% OFF
  • Metric / Inch Conversion

  • Easy to Change Battery

Eagle 200kg Smart Connect Body Weighing Scale, EEP1002A
  • Unlimited Users & Set Weight Target

  • Auto On/Off Function

Fluke True Rms Clamp Meter, 325
By: Fluke
AED 1,484.00
AED 1,633.009% OFF
Bosch 0.05-50m Professional Laser Distance Measure, GLM-50-27-C
  • Measurement Accuracy, Typical: +/-1.5mm (Plus Use-dependent Deviation)

  • Measuring Accuracy (Typical): +/-0.2 Degree (Plus Use-dependent Deviation)

Prestar Platform Trolley Nb-101
By: Prestar
AED 418.00
AED 460.009% OFF
Weicon Silicone-Spray 400ml
By: Weicon
AED 39.00
AED 43.009% OFF
Stanley Plattformwagen 150Kg, 1 StA�Ck, Sxwtd-Pc527
By: Stanley
AED 375.00
AED 413.009% OFF
Eagle 600 ABS Jewelry Weighing Scale, LCD-A600
By: Eagle
AED 616.00
AED 678.009% OFF
  • External Calibration Way

  • Loadcell Sensor

Uni-T Ut201 Digital Clamp ms
By: Uni-t
AED 84.00
AED 93.009% OFF
Uni-T UT204 Digital Clamp Meter
By: Uni-t
AED 273.00
AED 301.009% OFF
Fluke 353 TRUE RMS 2000A Clamp Meter
By: Fluke
AED 3,553.00
AED 3,909.009% OFF
Yato YT-73091 Digital Clamp Meter
By: Yato
AED 135.00
AED 149.009% OFF
  • Overload Protection

  • Display Backlight Function

Hioki 4.199 to 600V True-Rms AC/DC Clamp Meter, 3288-20
  • The Clamp Multimeters are AC/DC Current and Voltage Clamp Meters...

Fluke 355 TRUE RMS 2000A Clamp Meter
By: Fluke
AED 4,389.00
AED 4,828.009% OFF
  • A Large Backlit Display allows for Easy Visibility in Low-Lit

  • in-Rush Current Measurement Captures Power-on Surge Current with Accuracy &

Weicon Leak Detection Spray 400ml
By: Weicon
AED 45.00
AED 50.0010% OFF
Ma Fra 150kg Stainless Steel Blue LCD Sensor Electronic Weighing Scale
Eagle EHP-HZQ 20kg High Precision Balances Scale, EHP20-HZQ
  • Simple User-Friendly Operation

  • Built-in Battery Backup

Eagle 3000kg Crane Weighing Scale, CRNLDR
By: Eagle
AED 2,475.00
AED 2,723.009% OFF
  • Over-Discharge Protection Circuit

  • Colour Coded & Sealed Keypad

Eagle EHP-HZQ 50kg High Precision Balances Scale, EHP50-HZQ
  • Colour Coded & Sealed Keypad

  • Counting, Percentage Weighing & Auto Sleep/Power Down Function

Abbasali 12 inch SS Scale Right Angle Measurement Combo Square Metric with Bubble Level
Eagle 30kg Rear Type Barcode Label Printing Weighing Scale, T30EBR-REAR
  • Support PLU Updating on Line & Editing, Ensure Item all

  • Storage Capacity upto 10000 PLU & Support 112 Hotkeys

Eagle OCS-D 150kg Hanging Weighing Scale, OCS-D-150
By: Eagle
AED 374.00
AED 412.009% OFF
  • Infrared Remote Control

  • Simple & Easy-To-Use

Eagle ECON 50kg Bench Platform Weighing Scale, PLT-50-XS-ECON
  • 4 Overload Protectors

  • Low Battery, Overload & Stabilization Indication

Eagle DM 30kg Table Top Weighing Scale, DM-253-30
By: Eagle
AED 403.00
AED 444.009% OFF
  • 7 Segment Display Moon Backlight with Symbols

  • Auto Sleep Function to Save Battery

Eagle 2000kg Crane Weighing Scale, CRNLDR
By: Eagle
AED 2,145.00
AED 2,360.009% OFF
  • Weight Accumulation & Auto Sleep/Power Down Function

  • Built-in Battery Backup

Eagle ECON 3000kg Floor Weighing Scale, PLT-12M-ECON
By: Eagle
AED 2,475.00
AED 2,723.009% OFF
  • Mild Steel Chequered Platform

  • Auto Tare & Kg/Lb Switch Function

Eagle DS 30kg High Precision Balances Scale, T30-DS
By: Eagle
AED 616.00
AED 678.009% OFF
  • 7 Segment & 6 Digit Display

  • Simple User-Friendly Operation

Eagle EPS 150kg Portable Shipping Weighing Scale, EPS-150-SH
  • Weight Hold, Piece Counting, Weight Accumulation, Power on Zero, Multiple...

  • Aircraft Grade High Tensile Aluminium Load Cell

Eagle T-CT 30kg Counting Cum Weighing Scale, T30CT
By: Eagle
AED 432.00
AED 476.009% OFF
  • Accumulation for Pieces

  • Large Stainless Steel Pan

Rothenberger 60200 Rp50-S Test Pump, Max Pressure 60 Bar/860 Psi (60200)
By: Rothenberger
AED 3,479.00
AED 3,827.009% OFF
Hioki Analog Earth Tester, FT3151
By: Hioki
AED 1,600.00
AED 1,980.0019% OFF
  • The Analog Earthtester Uses the Ac Phase Differential System to...

Bosch 4-In-1 Digital Angle Finder Gam 220 Mf
By: Bosch
AED 1,062.00
AED 1,169.009% OFF
Foldable Platform Trolley, 150 Kg
By: Generic
AED 118.00
AED 130.009% OFF
Eagle 2kg ABS Jewelry Weighing Scale, LCD-A2000
By: Eagle
AED 840.00
AED 924.009% OFF
  • External Calibration Way

  • 3-10 sec Adjustable Stable Time

Ylovow Castor Wheels 4 Pack-40mm Rubber Swivel Wheel Caster With Screws-4 Wheels Without Brake For Furniture Table Trolley Workbench Garage